How to Select the Best Software Platform for Your Energy Company

Software Application

As an energy executive, you don’t have a thousand hours to spend customizing essential software. It’s a crucial step, though, and if you settle for an off-the-shelf version, it’s unlikely the software will meet your needs — not to mention the millions in add-on fees you could accrue by retrofitting it for your business. That’s why the importance of customizable software and quick implementation can’t be overstated.Continue reading

Field Service Metrics: The 7 Most Valuable KPIs

Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are business metrics that provide raw quantitative data about your company’s performance in the past, present, and future. By capturing real, verifiable data about your choice of business strategies, you can chart your course thus far and measure your level of success. Without using KPIs to measure your company’s performance, it will be difficult to measure how well you’re fulfilling organizational needs and objectives.

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What does a Fleet Manager do?

Activities of a Fleet Manager

A Fleet manager’s responsibilities are devoted to managing the costs, risks, productivity, and use of commercial motor vehicles. These activities may include dynamic routing, fuel administration, vehicle acquisition, regulatory compliance, and more. Listed below are 7 common tasks that…

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