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As one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of metering products for water utilities and municipalities worldwide, Badger Meter plays a pivotal role in protecting some of our planet’s most precious resources.

As Badger can attest, perfecting flow measurement and controlling clean water can be challenging. Especially when your meters and staff are spread across the map. Fortunately for the Milwaukee-based company, managing disparate parts and people can now be done with the swipe of a thumb.

After being selected to work with the City of Aurora, Colorado, Badger realized the limitations of of its former work order management software. Their software was limited in scope and functionality, making it difficult to handle day-to-day tasks while managing a large, mobile workforce. They found the right replacement in the comprehensive field service management software provided by EnSight+.

With meters used across myriad locations, daily operations had an extra layer of complexity. It was clear to Badger that a change was needed. The company has historically struggled to efficiently track its inventory of parts and equipment. Additionally, the monitoring and measurement of work progress—from assignment through completion—has proven difficult.

The EnSight+ solution seamlessly solved both problems, improving and enhancing how the meter manufacturer does business. This is a positive development that will impact many different utilities down the line. Badger elected for cloud-based hosting and the entire solution was fully customized to address their specific concerns. One key aspect of the EnSight+ software is mobile connectivity across any operating system or device. Now, Badger Meter technicians in the field can view work order and inventory data right from their mobile devices, while the back office can track work progress, view vehicle and asset locations, and access other key data from the field in real-time.

Unlike Badger’s former software platform, EnSight+ is uniquely designed to aid in field organization and scheduling/dispatching. Badger leadership has access to ample actionable data to inform future decisions. In the past, accessing Badger customer data required the help of a data specialist to handle search queries, but obtaining and exporting data through EnSight+ is accomplished with just a few clicks.

As part of the solution’s customization and design, EnSight+ built a bespoke work order review menu. This feature allows back-office auditors to assess the entire work order on a single page. Auditors can now receive required information instantaneously, including relevant notes, photos, and key data points. The EnSight+ solution features two-factor authentication, and custom permissions for employees, perks that help keep Badger customer data safe and secure.

Badger employees can view inventory files, update statuses, and sort by contractors’ daily install files whether they’re in the field or the office. All of this in addition to efficiently tracking inventory and progress across new and ongoing projects.

One of the reasons the solution was such a good fit for Badger was because EnSight+ is the only Android and iOS mobile solution specifically designed for programming meters. The evaluation and improvement tool co-designed by EnSight+ is available to any meter service provider using the EnSight+ software.

Soon after selecting EnSight+ for the work in Aurora, Badger faced a critical problem on a separate project in Memphis, Tennessee. With a partnership already in place, Badger and EnSight+ were able to move quickly on an emergency implementation for Memphis Light, Gas, and Water.

Given the success of the partnership thus far, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see Badger call on EnSight+ again in the near future.

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