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Every industry is different. Every organization is different. That means every workflow is going to be different too.

You need work order management software that works for you. Software that lets you assign, control and oversee all work orders, all workers, at all times. Software that lets you change and edit processes and work flows any way you like. Software like EnSight+.

37% increase in worker productivity

28% improvement on arrival times

88% reduction in error rates

EnSight Plus Work Order Management

Your workforce, your decisions

Take control of workers in the field and change your workflows any way you want – in real time – with EnSight+’s work order management software.

With a built in CRM to display all customer and work order information, and a unique visual platform to see precisely where all remote workers are, field operations teams can easily:

  • Identify all new, current and completed work orders
  • Pinpoint available capacity of remote workers
  • Immediately dispatch work orders and service requests based on custom priorities

Most importantly, EnSight+ gives operations teams and managers full control and customization of unlimited workflow processes.

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you add, remove and re-order stage-by-stage field activities – so you can set a specific, step-by-step guide for every task, every worker.

EnSight Plus for accurate work order completion

Clear, focused work orders in the field

Remote workers benefit from the full guidance of custom workflows and the complete reassurance of clear work orders assigned to them. All users view and complete work orders on their devices (both on and offline).

With EnSight+’s simple mobile app, field operatives instantly see the next work order on their schedule and a predetermined optimized route to take. It prevents technicians going to the wrong job or taking the wrong route.

Plus custom processes enables workers to:

  • Ensures that nothing is missed on-site
  • Supply evidence of individual tasks conducted
  • Provide confirmation of work-orders completed

And real-time company wide data synchronization allows for any changes to processes, work-orders or service requests to be instantly sent to field workers.

EnSight Plus improves communication, work order accuracy

Improve services, communications and safety

As well as enhancing efficiencies throughout your entire work order management, EnSight+ also helps you improve across several other areas of your organization:

  • Customer service – offer greater clarity and visibility to customers on job status, reduce the likelihood of repeat issues and deliver faster response times
  • Employee communication – give remote workers all the information they need for a job, include full work order history and comprehensive notes on solutions recorded
  • Worker safety – designate custom safety messages based on job type and require confirmation that precautions have been taken before workers can proceed
EnSight Plus for intelligent scheduling

Intelligent scheduling for greater efficiency

  1. Plan & schedule work orders based on shift patterns
  2. Review remote worker distribution and identify spare capacity
  3. Dispatch urgent service requests and amend assignments in real time
  4. Get live updates on job statuses and worker availability
  5. Report on the performance metrics and KPI’s that matter to you
EnSight Plus used in the field on a tablet

Customize your work order management

EnSight+ is more than just work order management software. It’s a change in the way you work.

Flexible to your operations and adaptable to your every need, we can help you customize EnSight+ to your exact work order requirements – quickly, easily, effectively.

Because your field service software should make your job easier. That’s what EnSight+ does.


All-in-one field service software plus anything else you need

Get everything you need to manage your mobile workforce, plus a whole lot more, with our flexible, modular features:

Asset & Inventory Management

Contractor Management

Quality Review

Scheduling, Routing & Dispatch

Fleet Management

Time & Expense Management


Multiple field workers. Multiple tasks. Multiple vehicles. One simple piece of software

All monitored by you, in real time. Are you ready to take control?

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