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Hiring contractors is an effective way to support and expand your current workforce, increasing capacity, meeting additional demand and covering wider areas in your region. But they bring additional challenges – like unknown working practices, management difficulties, and a lack of oversight. EnSight+ helps you overcome all of them.

EnSight Plus Contractor Management

Share specific work orders and practices

The biggest concern for organizations when bringing in contractors is continuity. How can they be brought up to speed and follow all company processes, maintaining the high standards & brand reputation of the business they are working for?

EnSight+’s contractor management software gives you all the tools you need to do just that. With fully customizable work orders, you can:

  • Define the entire job process – with precise rules and requirements stage by stage
  • Set expectations for what the end customer should experience
  • Give your contractor everything they need to complete the task to your specifications
  • Ensure all remote workers have an easy-to-follow sequence for all jobs

EnSight+ gives you full control of your entire work order flow – covering every job, every task and every contractor.

You can make sure that every company process is followed exactly as you require, simply by creating work order sequences any way you want – protecting your brand and delivering the best service to your customers.

EnSight Plus contractor in field using EnSight Plus software on tablet

Full scheduling, monitoring and oversight of every contractor

With EnSight+ it’s easy to visualize your entire remote workforce – contractors included.

You don’t need to worry about their capacity or schedules, where they are or what job they’re working on. All the information you need is right there in front of field operations or senior management – and it’s easy to customize any way you want.

Schedule new contractors day by day or week by week, whatever works best for you. Or dispatch them as and where required to meet additional demand.

Use EnSight+ to see real-time status of jobs in progress and completed work, and set requirements for your contractors to upload visual confirmation a job has been finished. It helps you maintain full oversight of any field work.

Plus, our contractor management software records full work history, so you can seamlessly transfer jobs between third-parties and employees working the field, if you bring contractors in and out on an ad-hoc basis.

It ensures no information is lost and customer records are fully maintained, regardless of which technician has been dispatched to the current job.

EnSight Plus Contractor Management on site

Track contractor locations, time and expenses

EnSight+ also gives you more tools to help manage your contractors effectively, each adaptable to your current set-up and desired processes.

It can:

  • Track the location of all your contractors via smart GPS algorithms
  • Ensure contractors stick to automated, optimized routing
  • Help you issue and track assets, like required equipment and temporary uniforms
  • Monitor and approve contractor expenses
  • Record and track time spent on jobs

EnSight Plus Contractor using EnSight Plus mobile application on the job

Customize your contractor management software

EnSight+ is more than just contractor management software. It’s a change in the way you work.

Flexible to your operations and adaptable to your every need, we can help you customize EnSight+ to your exact contractor requirements – quickly, easily, effectively.

Because your field service software should make your job easier. That’s what EnSight+ does.


All-in-one field service software plus anything else you need

Get everything you need to manage your mobile workforce, plus a whole lot more, with our flexible, modular features:

Work Order Management

Scheduling, Routing & Dispatch

Quality Review

Asset & Inventory Management

Fleet Management

Time & Expense Management


Multiple field workers. Multiple tasks. Multiple vehicles. One simple piece of software

All monitored by you, in real time. Are you ready to take control?

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