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Secure Networks

SAML 2.0 Integration

2-Factor Authentication

Custom Access Permissions

Man using two factor authentication

Secure your networks

Downloading, accessing, and transferring information in the field shouldn’t pose a problem to your data security. Even with multiple field workers in multiple locations, EnSight+ establishes a secure, reliable connection to your network at all times.

Full SAML 2.0 integration is available to support single sign-on from server or client side. And with 2-factor authentication for all remote log-ins, you can be sure only your authorized mobile workforce can access your database.

Workers discussing computer data

Permit and restrict accessibility

EnSight+ lets you customize and control all access to secure data, ensuring only authorized personnel can see confidential customer data.

You assign permissions to office staff and field workers, allowing them to only access the data they need to see and securing all other sensitive data on your servers.

Prevent unauthorized access by blocking specific IP addresses, or permit sign-on via VPN only to add an additional layer of security.

Server room with security

Stay ahead of any data threats

Our data security teams can help your organization identify weaknesses in your network, minimize threats, and help your staff maintain full data integrity at all times.

We can also provide data security training for your teams, deliver regular threat assessments directly to your desk and perform application security reviews to help you stay one step ahead of any potential security issues.


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