EnSight+ Field Service Software Features | Deploy & Customize Entirely

EnSight+ gives you the tools to take control of your mobile workforce and transform your field operations.

It’s a fully customizable software that works for you – any way you want.

Increase efficiency by 37%

Reduce error rates by 88%

Improve arrival times by 28%

EnSight Plus Work Order Management

Work order management to streamline processes

Visualize your entire remote workforce, check capacity and assign work orders and service requests by job type, location, equipment required, technician skill set or any other priority you decide.

And use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build custom workflows that can be adapted in real-time and downloaded straight to a worker’s mobile app.

EnSight Plus Asset & Inventory Management

PLUS asset & inventory management to save resources

Get full control and traceability on every type of asset in your organization. Monitor and track assigned uniforms, equipment and technology with extensive reporting options to minimize loss or waste.

And keep up to date with your entire inventory, maintaining stock levels and preventing outages with smart alerts and custom ordering rules.

EnSight Plus Scheduling, Routing & Dispatch

PLUS scheduling, routing & dispatch to optimize journey plans

Maximize the day-to-day operations of your mobile workforce with comprehensive overviews of schedules and assignments, and routing optimization that’s delivered directly to field operatives via Google Maps or Waze.

And with a host of customizable dispatch options, you can adjust and assign new directions or jobs in real time – based on location, urgency, claim type or any other priority.

EnSight Plus Contractor Management

PLUS contractor management to oversee third-party services

Ensure your contractors are working to your exact specifications, following company protocols and representing your organization effectively, with smart software that lets you define operating procedures step-by-step. 

And full visual views enable your operations team to see exactly where contractors are at any given moment, tracking journeys, time and work completed.

EnSight Plus Fleet Management

PLUS fleet management to reduce mileage & maintenance

Maintain a comprehensive overview of your entire fleet at all times, with smart GPS technology that gives you real-time data of vehicle location and maintenance status. Set custom rules on service requirements and fault reporting to minimize any fleet downtime.

And smart routing – coupled with GPS geo-fencing – ensures your fleet efficiently covers the required journeys, avoiding traffic, remaining in designated areas and reducing unnecessary mileage.

EnSight Plus Quality Review

PLUS quality review software to maximize operational efficiencies

Prevent any unnecessary human errors from becoming a problem for your customers and your organization, with automated quality review software that allows back office staff to quickly identify incorrect data entry.

And instant field upload functionality and company-wide data synchronization ensure a comprehensive audit trail and a reduction in customer service calls.

EnSight Plus Time & Expense Management

PLUS time & expense management to eliminate paperwork

Help remote workers and office workers efficiently keep track of their time, both clocking in and out and when working on individual jobs or tasks. Eliminate error-prone time cards and allow workers to request time off directly from their mobile app.

And receipt uploading features – coupled with expense approval software – reduces the need for any expenses paperwork, provides greater oversight and helps businesses set spending limits.


Multiple field workers. Multiple tasks. Multiple vehicles. One simple piece of software

All monitored by you, in real time. Are you ready to take control?

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