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EnSight+ lets field workers quickly and efficiently track their time on jobs and submit expenses. And it allows operations managers to easily review and approve all requests. With full transparency and oversight, it’s an effective digital solution to outdated paper processes.

Time Management

Track time and attendance - in the office and in the field

Time tracking software is highly effective both in the office – to monitor employees clocking in and out – and out in the field where technicians are working on individual jobs.

Use EnSight+ to replace unnecessary and unsightly time clocks on-site for workers starting and ending their shifts. And with the mobile app, field operatives can track time spent on each individual job or task so you can monitor performance throughout the day – in real time.

Plus, with additional customization features you can:

  • Accept and approve time sheets from mobile and office-based workers
  • Permit and authorize time-off requests via the mobile app
  • Capture location data for oversight on where workers clock in and out
  • Set custom rules for overtime, based on customer requests, union restrictions and state or federal law.

EnSight Plus Expense Management

Simplify and automate expense submissions

With EnSight+, expense submissions are quick and easy. Field workers simply submit their expenses via the app – attaching images of receipts or products purchased – and managers can instantly approve or reject claims.

With the integrated software, there’s no need for a separate, costly expense tracking solution.

Assign managers permission to view and approve individual expense claims and give them full visibility on all expenses submitted by each field operative – preventing any financial irregularities.

EnSight Plus Eliminate Paper

Eliminate paper backups

EnSight+’s mobile app and streamlined approval processes ensures that paper receipts and physical timesheets are a thing of the past.

Field workers can quickly and easily submit photos of all receipts and expense claims, and record all time tracking data directly in the app. For legacy time cards, photos can be taken and attached too.

The result is an efficient, paperless audit trail – easy to approve, easy to review – and the reduction of human error in recording incorrect details.

EnSight Plus Time Sheets & Expenses

Easily review all time sheets and expense claims

With time and expense management software from EnSight+, it’s also simple for management to generate reports and analyze the data of their workforce.

Managers can set custom fields if they need additional information recorded by mobile workers and define limits on overtime submissions or expense claims.

With clear reporting features, managers can also quickly identify cost-saving opportunities or erroneous expense claims, and control excessive spending before it gets out of hand.

EnSight Plus Time & Expense Management Software

Customize your time and expense management software

EnSight+ is more than just time tracking software and expenses management. It’s a change in the way you work.

Flexible to your operations and adaptable to your every need, we can help you customize EnSight+ to your exact requirements – quickly, easily, effectively.

Because your field service software should make your job easier. That’s what EnSight+ does.


All-in-one field service software plus anything else you need

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