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Ensight+ gives you all the smart tools you need for highly efficient field operations.
Customer services and dispatch teams can see and schedule appointments in real time, based on geographic locations. And field service workers get instant notifications of new jobs and new routes.

Everyone speeds up their process, and customers get their problems solved faster.

EnSight Plus Workforce Management

Visualize your entire field workforce schedule

With EnSight+, field operations teams get a comprehensive overview of all customer requests and scheduled appointments. Each user can view current appointments by date, distance, time or any other customizable field.

A unique visualization displays the location of every field operative and the locations they’ve currently been dispatched too.  

Field ops can then schedule appointments based on their chosen priorities, including urgency, type of claim and geographic location.

EnSight Plus Route Management

Optimize routes, reduce fuel usage

Scheduling can also be automatic, with intelligent route optimization software that fetches and populates customer data. You set your preferred priority and EnSight+ does the rest.

  1. Generate
    GPS coordinates by customer record
  2. Optimize
    The most efficient routes for the scheduled jobs
  3. Send
    Routes are automatically downloaded to remote workers via Google Maps or Waze
  4. Reduce
    Fleet mileage, fuel usage, customer waiting time and any driver idle time

21% average reduction in fuel consumption

2,425 average reduction in driving miles annually

28% improvement in on-time arrivals

Contractor using EnSight Plus in the field

Dispatch and adjust in real time

One of the most powerful features of EnSight+ is its real time dispatch options and on-the-go route adjustments

It gives field operations the ability to:

  • Send the most qualified field workers to the job, dispatching by technician skill or job description
  • Identify the closest operatives to urgent jobs and dispatch immediately
  • Make real time schedule changes, confident that routing will self-adjust

It also ensures field workers:

  • Always know exactly where they need to be at any given time
  • Take the fastest route with smart GPS algorithms that adapt to real time traffic conditions
  • Can notify customers automatically when they’re dispatched
EnSight Plus network

Customize your scheduling, routing & dispatch software

EnSight+ is more than just scheduling, routing & dispatch software. It’s a change in the way you work.

Flexible to your operations and adaptable to your every need, we can help you customize EnSight+ to your exact dispatch requirements – quickly, easily, effectively.

Because your field service software should make your job easier. That’s what EnSight+ does.


All-in-one field service software plus anything else you need

Get everything you need to manage your mobile workforce, plus a whole lot more, with our flexible, modular features:

Work Order Management

Contractor Management

Quality Review

Asset Inventory

Fleet Management

Time & Expense Management


Multiple field workers. Multiple tasks. Multiple vehicles. One simple piece of software

All monitored by you, in real time. Are you ready to take control?

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