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EnSight+ is the smart field service software that’s designed and tailored for the oil & gas industry. Customize work orders, processes and reporting to your company’s exact needs. Get our expert advice on how to optimize practices. And if you require any additional features or specific support, we’re always on hand to help.

Maintain full operational efficiency - at a minimum cost

Our field service software helps you maintain efficiencies and control costs on all oil & gas projects. It helps your organization keep track of all installations and maintenance requirements, improve efficiencies in delivery schedules and monitor all assets and equipment.

The intelligent mobile apps let you track remote field workers on pipeline jobs, even when there is no power or no connectivity. All data is saved automatically and transferred when a connection is re-established. Smart visual software ensures you can see the location of all field operatives – and dispatch them at a moment’s notice if required.

This gives you complete flexibility and oversight of your entire operations. And it means you can control assets, redistribute resources and stay on top of all maintenance needs – maximizing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary expenditure.

Mobile workforce software tailored for the oil & gas industry

EnSight+ is the perfect mobile workforce software for any field operation. Customize it any way you like to:

  • Optimize the scheduling and delivery of oil to homes across all territories
  • Track expensive assets and equipment through GPS technology to minimize loss
  • Prolong the life of assets and vehicles with regular maintenance checks
  • Rapidly deploy the most skilled workers or those closest to an incident with routing optimization
  • Prevent unnecessary damage or faults with timely maintenance schedules
  • Monitor workers in the field to ensure they’re staying within contracted hours and completing jobs while delivering quality service
  • Stay on top of all labor, expenses and resources to control your budgets efficiently

Plus all the features you need for a highly productive workforce

As an all-in-one field service solution for the oil & gas industry, EnSight+ gives you all the additional features you require to maximize productivity throughout your entire workforce.

Track time and expenses of field workers

Dispatch and route technicians in the most efficient ways

Create custom workflows to maintain quality control

Oversee all contractors and sub-contracting operations

Coordinate all assets, equipment and stock

Check data accuracy with integrated quality reviews

Manage and maintain your entire fleet of vehicles

Improve communication between operations, field workers and customers

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Multiple field workers. Multiple tasks. Multiple vehicles. One simple piece of software

All monitored by you, in real time. Are you ready to take control?

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