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EnSight+ is the smart field service software that’s designed and tailored for the building and construction industry. Customize work orders, processes and reporting to your company’s exact needs. Get our expert advice on how to optimize practices. And if you require any additional features or specific support, we’re always available to help.

Keep your costs under control

Our field service software helps you control costs and maintain efficiencies on each of your construction sites. It gives you the tools you need to manage projects, tradespeople and individual tasks, keeping track of all work and giving you comprehensive oversight of your entire operation.

Intelligent mobile apps let you track your construction workers, even on sites with no power or no connectivity. All data is saved automatically and transferred when a connection is re-established. And smart scheduling software ensures you can optimize deliveries, equipment assignments and urgent jobs to keep your site operational at all times.

The result is a construction business operating at full, efficient capacity, with all construction workers on task and on track to complete to your pre-determined timescales. No delays, no additional costs.

Mobile workforce software tailored for the construction industry

EnSight+ is the perfect mobile workforce software for any construction operation. Deploy it within your organization and you can:

  • Optimize deliveries and installations across multiple sites to meet exact requirements
  • Track equipment and tool assignments, ensuring tradespeople have what they need for each job and minimizing loss, with both digital records and GPS devices
  • Manage HR requirements to ensure all site labor is properly licensed and certified – and assign appropriately skilled workers to each task
  • Monitor the hours of all workers, even those operating on remote construction sites with no power or connectivity, with in-app time tracking
  • Require workers to capture images for progress reports on jobs to senior managers

Plus all the features you need for a highly productive workforce

As an all-in-one field service solution for the construction industry, EnSight+ gives you all the additional features you require to maximize productivity throughout your entire workforce.

Track time and expenses of field workers

Dispatch highly skilled tradespeople efficiently

Create custom workflows to maintain quality control

Oversee all contractors and sub-contracting operations

Coordinate all assets, equipment and stock

Check job accuracy with quality control checks

Manage and maintain your entire fleet of vehicles

Improve communication between operations, site managers and construction workers

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Multiple field workers. Multiple tasks. Multiple vehicles. One simple piece of software

All monitored by you, in real time. Are you ready to take control?

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