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Though it sounds like futuristic jargon plucked out of a Sci-Fi flick, artificial intelligence (AI) exists all around us, even when we don’t realize it. In fact, we use AI through digital assistants to do everything from turning the lights on to changing between songs. AI is also used to deliver personalized experiences via entertainment platforms and advertisements. This technology even powers facial recognition used to unlock some mobile devices. While those advancements are nice to have in our personal lives, businesses are also primed to reap the rewards. Read on as we explore optimization with AI and how it elevates the mobile experience, revolutionizing field service management.

Optimization always, in all ways

For many field service management companies, getting the most out of potentially limited resources can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Legacy operations usually entailed leadership wearing multiple hats or working long hours to try and make that happen. Fortunately for the modern field service management leader, AI can play a pivotal role in ensuring the business is optimized. For example, field service software that supports AI can ensure that a company’s stock levels never get too high or too low. Through smart sensors, each asset is tagged and can be tracked through its entire lifecycle, including relevant parts and equipment. When it’s time to buy more, or even when there’s extra on hand, AI technology sends that message to leadership. As a result, there’s no reason for someone to manually count pipes, valves, fittings, or whatever widgets your business uses daily.

Cloud-based field service management software solutions also utilize GPS functionality on mobile devices carried by field technicians. Using the location of each appointment, schedulers can use automation to create work zones. This can help to limit technician travel time between jobs. And if there’s ever an emergency, dispatchers can identify where technicians are using that GPS functionality. A combination of dispatcher skills and AI ensures the right technicians are sent to the right jobs.

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Preventive maintenance and proactive triaging

There are probably times we’ve all wished to have the ability to see into the future. It’s easy to imagine how having that ability could come in handy at work. Especially for field service companies that don’t always have a line of sight on the equipment they oversee. But what if they could? What if there was a way to monitor an asset’s health remotely? There is, with AI.

Via smart sensors, field service companies can continuously receive data on an asset’s status. Once the data is received, leadership can determine if the asset is operating at full capacity or is subject to malfunction. Even more helpful, in the event the asset does malfunction, field service companies will already have an idea of what went wrong before arriving on the scene. Having that knowledge in advance can go a long way toward making the necessary repairs quickly and effectively.

Improvements in customer experience

There’s not a single customer on the planet who likes to be told their technician will arrive within an eight-hour window. Essentially, a customer has to either miss work or an entire day’s obligations to sit around waiting for a visit. If the customer is lucky, they might get a phone call saying the technician is en route, without a guaranteed arrival time. However, what is helpful is the experiential improvements that AI can provide, including automated text message alerts.

There are platforms available that facilitate regular text messages and calls to customers, reminding them of upcoming appointments and sending arrival time notices on the day of the visit. Other AI-fueled advancements include self-service capabilities, like customers scheduling their own appointments online. They can upload photos or videos of what prompted the appointment, and also pay their bill via mobile device.

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The field service management software solution from EnSight+ works alongside AI to improve field service management operations. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you, including seeing our asset and inventory management module that enables companies like yours to better monitor asset stock levels book your demo today.



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