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Businesses are always on the hunt for something that makes them better. While the best businesses stay at the top, the less successful attempt to catch up. In the field service industry, businesses often roll out new products or services to retain market share and/or gain ground. Others will try novel advertising practices to land new customers. Then there are those that have discovered the ample benefits of field service management software and the edge it provides.

Today, only about half of all field service management companies take advantage of these innovative tech tools. If your business isn’t one of those, you might be wondering what the competition is gaining by dumping their paper-based methods in favor of going digital. Read on as we explore some of the top advantages of using field service management software.

Dynamic routing, scheduling, and dispatching

GPS-enabled mobile devices show where field techs are at any given moment. With that GPS technology, #fieldservice software delivers efficient turn-by-turn directions. ⬇️ fuel consumption, ⬇️ wear & tear on fleet vehicles & ⬆️ on-time arrivals. Share on X

Really good schedulers and dispatchers have a knack for remembering where technicians are throughout the day. They also remember their strengths and weaknesses. While their memory skills are impressive, the smart tools found within field service management software can help reduce their mental load. These cloud-based solutions permit scheduling and dispatch teams to see, schedule, and dispatch appointments in real-time. All smart routing is based on actual technician locations, skill levels, and availability.

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Through the use of GPS-enabled mobile devices, schedulers and dispatchers can access where each tech is at any given moment. Using that same GPS technology, the software can deliver turn-by-turn directions that keep drivers on the most direct and efficient path. This leads to reduced fuel consumption, less wear-and-tear on fleet vehicles, and better on-time arrivals and first-time fix rates.

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Time and expense management

Paperwork might be the bane of any field service management leader’s existence. There are few things more tiresome than manually reviewing and approving timesheets. But that process takes a fraction of the time for leaders at companies using field service management software.

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Our solution is hosted in the cloud, so leadership can review and approve timesheets from anywhere, at any time. Expense requests are handled in the same way. Employees can also upload photos of receipts and other supporting materials, making the review process a breeze for leadership.

One of the most unique aspects of these time and expense management modules is that companies can set custom rules for overtime. The rules can also be based on customer requests. Field service companies can not only eliminate costs, but also avoid unnecessary paper backups. All these safeguards help ensure that workers’ hours remain in compliance with pre-established rules.

Fleet management

It’s hard to run a mobile workforce without a fleet of vehicles in good working order. Remember how we talked about schedulers having to remember everything about technicians? The same is true about fleet managers staying on top of vehicle warranty work, mileage, inspections, and maintenance. It’s just not feasible. The fleet management module in field service management software automates every aspect of the process and provides insights into each vehicle’s location and operational status.

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The best way to keep a fleet in tip-top shape is through preventive maintenance. Field service management software helps minimize vehicle downtime. Fleet managers can create custom alerts based on milestones like mileage, time between checkups, or specific vehicle concerns. Those alerts become proactive tasks in the software’s work order management system.  Your staff mechanics or fleet team members can stay on top of those alerts and keep the vehicles in the best possible condition. Each vehicle is uploaded as an asset in the system, and fleet managers can upload historical documentation like warranty information and past maintenance or repairs to create a comprehensive record of the vehicle.

As the industry grows, you need a software partner that can grow with you

EnSight+ is a field service management software provider that businesses like yours have trusted to help them grow. In addition to all the benefits described above, our solution has these customizable modules and more. Interested in seeing what we can do for you? Book your demo today.


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