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As the weeks tick down, budgets for the new year become finalized, and all eyes are focused on 2023.  Bolstered by the proliferation of field service management software, the last few years in the industry have been like a rocket ship to the moon. Tech-forward solutions are helping to find new efficiencies and improve effectiveness.  

With all companies back in full force in the wake of the pandemic, 2023 is primed to be a monumental year. Wondering how they’re going to get there? Read on as we predict a few of the most notable trends we expect to impact the industry in 2023.

Contactless services

One of the few real positives that emerged from the pandemic was an innovative new approach to the customer experience. One involves contactless service. With this tactic, customers limit face-to-face contact with technicians. 

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The other tactic is virtual or augmented reality.  Helping customers remotely, to solve their own problems.  To do this, customers must explicitly communicate the problem that needs addressing when making the appointment. If not, both parties risk a potential mishap. In any event, the benefits of contactless service are real for both field service management companies and their customers. 

Dynamic scheduling and dispatching

The concept of dynamic scheduling and dispatching is not new, although it’s a function that has been greatly enhanced by upgrades. The crux of dynamic scheduling and dispatching is that back-office staff have supreme visibility into technicians’ locations at all times. And can adjust on the fly.

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For example, if an emergency strikes, staff can identify which technicians are in the nearest proximity and dispatch them immediately. Alternatively, staff can dispatch technicians with skill sets that best represent the needs of the job. For regular route planning, dynamic scheduling and dispatching guides staff and assists in the creation of daily schedules that are efficient, grouped by location, and empower technicians to stay on time and on task.

Predictive maintenance

Here’s another old-school idea that’s been completely modernized. It’s also something we expect more and more field service management companies to take advantage of next year. In the old days, keeping track of maintenance and warranty information for tools, equipment, and assets was done either on paper or through memory.  Neither of which is extremely reliable. 

However, that process with field service management software couldn’t be easier or more seamless. The software allows you to assign individual records with specific designations or tags to each asset. That means field service management outfits have a dedicated platform to house all pertinent information. This information can include when the asset was purchased, the cost, or any related warranty information. 

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Further, companies can use the software’s embedded work order management module to automate and pre-schedule predictive maintenance tasks. Imagine how much better your equipment would run if it was cleaned and fine-tuned at regular intervals.  Or how much longer the tires on your fleet vehicles would last if they were regularly rotated. With the right software solution, that’s a possibility, and predictive maintenance becomes just another aspect of operations.

Field service management companies can count on EnSight+ in 2023

If your company is looking for ways to enhance operations in 2023, the trends discussed above are a good start. If you’re interested in using field service management software to make that happen, EnSight+ can help. We offer a fully customizable field service management software solution that enables field service management companies to become more efficient. Also, satisfying customer needs with embedded modules like work order management, asset and inventory management, and scheduling, routing, and dispatch. Book your demo for a chance to see what the software can do for you.



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