Honeywell Finds Efficiency Gains, Connectivity with EnSight+ Field Service Software  - EnSight+

Even though you’re one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world, there are still times when it just makes sense to align with an outside partner.

That’s precisely what Honeywell did when it experienced one of its most difficult transitions to date. The multinational conglomerate recently made operational changes and repositioned its technology onto an Android-compatible platform. This was a necessary change, but one that created unique challenges that they weren’t equipped to handle internally.

That’s when Honeywell turned to EnSight+, tapping the field service solutions provider to develop and deliver field service management software for its newly created field installation division.

EnSight+ offers a fully customizable solution that’s robust in nature and broad in breadth. Its features include modules directed at critical field service actions, including asset and inventory management; work order management; scheduling, routing, and dispatch; and fleet management. But where the software really shines is in its interconnectivity and ability to level the playing field for all employees.

EnSight+ is based in the cloud and is compatible with any device, including Android systems. Employees have instant access whether they’re on a computer, in the office, or on a mobile device in the field. Honeywell recognized the inherent risks of employees working in disparate systems and processes, meaning that real-time oversight and connectivity were essential.

The solution EnSight+ developed for Honeywell was completely customized to meet the company’s needs. This included that desire for a more connected workforce and a more efficient means of project management. EnSight+ provided a comprehensive onboarding and training program, ensuring that Honeywell leadership and its employees felt comfortable with the software prior to its going live.

Since deploying the solution, EnSight+ has supplied back-office support and quality assurance resources, leading to a significant uptick in Honeywell’s field service success. Thanks to the EnSight+ solution, Honeywell can now utilize both its legacy applications and the new Android-based field service software, all on one handheld device. In addition, the core functionality of the software has initiated a refined focus on safety, oversight, and accountability. At the same time, EnSight+ has helped eliminate inefficient and unproductive data silos.

Both Honeywell and EnSight+ say they feel good about the partnership’s results thus far, and have planned an expanded partnership. Backed by the EnSight+ solution, Honeywell will soon launch SMS messaging and notifications for its field installation division.

Honeywell is also eyeing ways to implement the replacement of phone calls with alerts driven by EnSight+. The initial plan is for these alerts to include notices like appointment reminders and in-route announcements, though that’s certainly subject to change in development.

The end-to-end sales support provided by EnSight+ is what gave Honeywell leadership the confidence to consider an expansion in the relationship. Field service is an emerging part of its business, and with the help of the EnSight+ solution, the company is now able to handle it on its own and with its own tool.

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