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Advanced digital and mobile technology drive key functions of modern society, but not every sector adopts this tech at the same pace. There is evidence of this in both the public and private spheres. For example, many small businesses remain cash-only, even though 55% of customers prefer card transactions. Some industries have been faster than others to use tools boasting automation and artificial intelligence. Did you know that less than half of all field service organizations are using field service management software as of 2021?

Those using software learned that a robust solution like the one EnSight+ offers can play a pivotal role in organizational growth. Read on as we run down the top three ways field service software can grow your business and streamline operations.

Eliminate wasted time with automation

There are many problems with paper-based methods, but the most frustrating is it results in duplicate data entry. The company schedulers, dispatchers, and technicians all use their own systems so the same information will be reproduced, again and again. Not only is this inefficient, but using paper-based systems runs the risk of errors associated with illegible handwriting. With field service management software, any bit of data entered into a work order is visible instantly. This promotes quality data entry, ease of validation, and strong communication between back office and field teams.

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Embedded within field service management software are robust automated functions. All are related to critical tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and routing. For example, route guidance is provided to drivers that always keeps them on the most direct path. Always updating to address traffic or road hazards in real-time. It’s because of those advancements that EnSight+ has been able to improve technicians’ arrival times by 28%.

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Increase productivity and make fewer mistakes

There are actually two parts of the “wasted time” equation. The first, as we mentioned, is discovering potential efficiencies through field service management software. The second is what employees should do with the time they’ve gained. The answer here is to be more productive. We’ve found that EnSight+ can increase field service employees’ efficiency by 37%. When used correctly, field service software creates more time to complete tasks and see more customers on any given day.

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Few stats are more important to a field service company than a first-time fix rate. Software like EnSight+ is essential for improvement efforts in that area. For example, we’ve found that our solution can reduce error rates by nearly 90%. How? Through enhanced communication, information sharing, and custom workflows downloaded directly to a technician’s mobile app. When everyone is accountable and every action is visible, it’s much harder to make a mistake.

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Monitor everything in real-time

From inventory counts to the physical location of technicians, field service management software gives leadership unmatched visibility in real-time. Through the use of GPS technology, schedulers can see where technicians are currently on a map at any time, a huge benefit.  Asset and inventory management modules enable leadership to keep tabs on all critical tools and materials ensuring that supply never reaches a point where technicians can’t do their jobs.

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EnSight+ helps businesses like yours grow smartly and strategically

Solutions like EnSight+ have proven to help field service management companies run more efficiently. Enhancing customer service as well. If you’re interested in learning about how our software can help your business grow, we want to talk. Book your demo today to learn more.


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