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Working within the public sector carries intense scrutiny that’s not always found in private enterprises. Budget management, business operations, and individual public sector employees’ decisions tend to draw unfair criticisms. In addition, field service companies in the public sector are often held to high standards by the public and regulatory bodies. The public expects honest communication and quality services, while regulators set specific requirements for how work is executed in the field. With all eyes on their every move, many public sector outfits have turned to the field service management software to ensure operations run smoothly and employees stay on task. Here are a few of the top reasons your public sector field service company should partner with EnSight+.

Receive a big boost in efficiency

An underlying feature of EnSight+ is the search for opportunities to find efficiencies. For example, our software empowers field service companies to dispatch and route technicians in the most efficient ways. With the help of GPS technology, your dispatchers can deliver technicians with turn-by-turn directions to their next stop. If traffic or road hazards delay their arrival, directions automatically update to show the best available route.

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But scheduling, routing, and dispatch isn’t the only module where you’ll gain new efficiencies. Work order management, asset and inventory management, and time and expense management are a few other areas where public sectors can streamline processes to save time and money.

Increase employee productivity

Nothing feels better than checking off a task and signaling the close of a job well done. For field service companies, work order management is the lifeblood of the business. It is critically important for leadership to stay on top of how each job is progressing. Fortunately, EnSight+ makes that easier than ever, from start to finish.

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Our intuitive solution provides a nearly 40% increase in worker productivity, along with an 88% reduction in error rates. While various factors contribute to those numbers, our solution’s work order management module is one of the most significant drivers of increased productivity. EnSight+ enables better communication between employees and technicians. The mobile application ensures that they receive clear details regarding on-site assignments and allows technicians to document their work through voice clips, video, and photos.

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Balance all aspects of the budget

We recognize that it’s essential for all businesses to have a good grasp of their budget. To help make that easier, we included aspects of budgetary management inside many of the different modules. For example, our asset and inventory module help companies track assets through their lifecycle. We also help you monitor stock levels, preventing any over or under-stocking of materials, and the lingering ramifications that come from each.

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The single-largest expense for most organizations is human capital. We designed our time and expense module specifically for that. Not only can our cloud-based solution enable you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, but leadership can accept and approve time-sheets from both mobile and office-based workers.  Administration can also use the platform to quickly find cost-saving opportunities. Or even spot excessively high overtime costs before anything gets out of hand

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