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It’s been repeatedly said that employees who feel connected to their company tend to perform better than those who don’t. The reason is simple: We all like to make a difference and contribute to a bigger purpose. Historically, fostering ownership among employees develops a sense of accountability. When the entire organization is on board with this approach, employees can see how much their work really matters.

Field service companies typically have employees in different locations to complete various projects. So, while it’s imperative to encourage accountability, reinforcing the message can be tricky. Many field-based companies have found the answer through the use of field service management software (FSMS). Here are a few of our favorite ways that FSMS drives accountability across industries.

Quality review is seamless

Most employees understand that the more successful the company is, the better it is for them. Successful companies usually have better benefits, have a stronger company culture, offer upward mobility, and pay higher salaries. These same companies also tend to have a strong culture of accountability. FSMS drives accountability in a number of ways. One important aspect of FSMS is the quality review feature. Field service leadership can review service call performance, find inefficiencies, and take corrective action. Follow up reviews ensure accountability going forward.

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FSMS is a boon for the back office as well, since data is stored in the cloud. Cloud-based data storage helps reduce errors, improving the chances of a first-time fix.

Technicians get a chance to shine

At the core of every field service company is the need for a refined worked order management system. Outdated methods involving paper don’t do technicians any favors because there’s tremendous room for error. It’s easy to misread a handwritten address or lose a sheet of paper. With FSMS, technicians are set up for success and can display accountability for their work.

Most software solutions allow for uploading rich media files like photos and videos directly into the work order. That means that a technician who does a fantastic job of completing a tough task can upload an image of the finished product for historical documentation. This empowers technicians and provides them with a chance to feel pride in their work. At the same time, leadership has eyes from afar on the quality of completed work.

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Follow the flow from start to finish

Given the impact of FSMS on work order management, further exploration can’t hurt. A lot of good can come out of making a switch from paper-based work orders to software. As discussed above, FSMS offers unparalleled visibility and drives accountability. Every step of the process, from intake through completion, is recorded in the cloud. Because of that access, leadership can sit with employees to review each step of the job and work order process to see what went wrong and use those as teaching moments for improvement.

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EnSight+ has a customizable field service software solution that drives accountability

It’s never been more important to stress accountability to a field service workforce than it is right now — and EnSight+ can help you shoulder that load. Our field service management software solution is fully customizable and can be up and running in four weeks or less. Contact us to book your demo today.


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