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The details surrounding the country’s drinking water infrastructure seem almost impossible to believe. There are some 2.2 million miles of underground pipes delivering safe drinking water. It’s easy to imagine that maintenance and repairs are challenging. For example, it’s been reported that a water main break occurs every two minutes, contributing to the estimated 6 billion gallons of treated water lost each day nationwide. For context, 6 billion gallons of water is equivalent to more than 9,000 swimming pools.

While there has been some funding put forth by local, state, and federal governments for infrastructure repair and replacement, the age of the pipes has simply outpaced available money. If replacement is not a possibility, the next best option for water utilities is to emphasize prevention. For example, stronger maintenance scheduling and asset tracking can help pinpoint pipes in need of repair now, while providing insights into future maintenance needs. Here are a few of the top ways the work order and asset management features found within EnSight+ can help utilities better serve their customers and keep service disruptions to a minimum.

Preserve all your asset data in one easy-to-find place

Thanks to EnSight+, it’s no longer necessary to shuffle through siloed data on infrastructure assets such as water pipes. With our asset and inventory management module, water utility employees can get all the information they need in one place. And, because the solution is hosted in the cloud, employees can get it on the fly in the field via mobile device or from a computer in the office.

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In the event of a pipe break or another crisis, field technicians can easily look through the system for historical documentation. It will describe if this problem has already occurred and how it was addressed in the past. This data can help leadership devise a faster resolution, with potentially longer-lasting effects.

Assign and track every asset you own

Governments provide funding for 💧 #infrastructure replacement, but aging pipes have outpaced available 💲. Next-best option is #proactive repair. Maintenance & asset tracking pinpoint pipes in need of repair now & insights for future work. Click To Tweet

EnSight+ puts the power and control back in the hands of water utilities, enabling them to assign and track every owned asset. The platform enables utilities to keep extensive records on asset health, monitoring the duration of each asset’s life. From installation to replacement, the EnSight+ asset management module can keep track of every piece of data logged. While there are commonalities across utilities, there are sector-specific requirements for each. That’s why our solution empowers utilities to create custom statuses for monitoring various assets. After all, your utility shouldn’t have to change terminology just because you added a new software solution.

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Staying on top of inventory, from parts, to tools and vehicles, is a breeze with EnSight+. We’ll help you prevent any over- or under-stocking and can even trigger an alert when the stock reaches a certain threshold. EnSight+ can help reduce the risk of stock outages and assist with budgeting orders.

Direct field workers the way you want

Of all the EnSight+ modules, work order management may be the most impactful. Especially for a water utility striving to keep its infrastructure in working order. Proactive maintenance or cleaning can be scheduled and automated so that the technicians responsible receive assignments at intervals of your choosing. Dealing with a complex asset that requires multiple steps? Take advantage of our drag-and-drop interface that lets back-office schedulers add, remove, and re-order stage-by-stage field activities.

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With EnSight+, your employees can send detailed on-site notes, including photos, videos, and voice clips. The media files remain attached to the work orders for review at any time. This data is an excellent resource for historical comparison or fact-checking.

EnSight+ has proven time and again to be beneficial for utilities just like yours. If you’re ready to learn how EnSight+ can assist you in keeping elements of your infrastructure in the best possible condition, book your demo today.


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