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If you’re in the field service management industry, chances are you’re a reader of Field Service News. The publication is a leading business magazine dedicated to field service professionals and field service industries. As part of its coverage, Field Service News recently surveyed professionals from more than 150 companies in 18 countries and across 12 different industries to pick their brains on both their most significant challenges and the metrics that matter most to those organizations.

When it came to those key performance indicators or KPIs, three rose to the top as the most frequently monitored. Let’s take a closer look at the top three field service KPIs. Also, we’ll dig into how the EnSight+ solution can help companies meet related goals.

Net Promoter Score/Customer Service Scoring Metric

Cited by more than 90% of respondents, it’s no surprise that a customer service metric like net promoter score (NPS) took top billing. An NPS is a metric used to measure a customer’s loyalty to the brand. It’s widely considered the gold standard in customer service scoring. In most cases, NPS is derived by customers answering one simple question: How likely are you to recommend [brand] to a friend or family member? The answer, which falls between a 0 (not at all) and 10 (extremely likely) results in the NPS. Once the data from hundreds or thousands of customers is aggregated, it can actually yield some meaningful insights.

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Many of the features found within the EnSight+ solution are intended to make the field service organization more efficient. It will also simultaneously improve the customer experience. For example, EnSight+ offers dynamic scheduling, routing, and dispatching modules within the platform. This functionality allows field service companies to visualize their entire field workforce schedule. Managers can also dispatch techs in real-time based on geographic location. This means that techs will arrive at jobs promptly, something that can particularly please customers in cases of emergency.

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But that’s just one of the ways we can help field service companies improve their NPS. Our inventory management module also helps companies keep tabs on important parts. Ensuring the assets your business needs to make customers happy will never go out of stock.

Tech Utilization

More than three-quarters of all respondents told First Service News that they track tech utilization. This metric is typically defined by the average time that a tech spends on jobs divided by either the number of jobs completed or the number of hours in a month. Depending on the company’s goals.

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One of the reasons why a tech may take longer than needed to complete a job is because of technical proficiency (or a lack thereof). Fortunately, the EnSight+ solution helps field service companies avoid sending an ill-equipped tech to a job. Our work order management module allows leadership to populate tech profiles with certifications or skill set notes so that dispatchers are sending the right tech for the right job every time.

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Additionally, the real-time GPS tracking used to deliver efficient route guidance gets techs to and from jobs as quickly as possible. As a result, techs are spending less time on the road and more time-solving customers’ problems.

First-time Fix

Our final KPI of the top three monitored by field service companies is a first-time fix. Long considered a critical metric to measure, it makes sense that 75% of respondents said that it was important. As the name implies, this metric measures how successful a tech is at fixing the customer’s problem on the first visit.

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There are many ways that the software powered by EnSight+ can improve first-time fix rates. Above, we discussed dispatching an appropriately skilled tech and inventory management to confirm that fleet vehicles are stocked with key parts at all times. The first-time fix often revolves around good communication, a key strength for EnSight+.

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Our work order management module is a robust offering that affords field service schedulers with plenty of opportunities to inform techs about vital information. This can include everything from a customer’s past experiences to contact information or even a gate code to enter a property. Granting techs this wealth of information can be pivotal in preventing repeat visits.

The EnSight+ solution is fully customizable and can be launched to meet your unique needs in four weeks or less. Our cloud-based software has been shown to improve efficiencies in the field by over 30%.

If any of the KPIs we talked about here are important to you, let us help you improve them. Request a free demo today.


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