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An industry like field service management, they rely heavily on the human connection between provider and customer.  It sounds counterintuitive to say one of the biggest differentiators in the coming years may not be human at all. We’re talking about artificial intelligence. While the term artificial intelligence, AI, conjures up images of robots performing the work of humans, that isn’t exactly the way it works.

Field service management-related AI is more about machine learning tactics. Marrying the precision and speed of automation with the technical know-how of human experience. Here are some of the top ways AI is emerging as a promising approach to field service management operations.

Error code analysis for a prompt response

As easy as it would make things, field service management leaders can’t be everywhere at all times. Until recently, companies could only have eyes on assets that leaders or field technicians could physically see. But AI is changing the game with remote visibility. Assets like utility infrastructure, tools, and equipment can be outfitted with sensors.  Delivering data on asset health directly to the office. Because of this AI functionality, field service management companies can receive error codes remotely.  If an asset goes down, the company’s repair process can be expedited.

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Asset and inventory management

Using sensors to monitor the health of an asset is important. But equally as important is monitoring the inventory levels of critical assets. Many field service management software solutions include an embedded asset and inventory management module that supports this tactic. This type of AI technology can benefit field service management companies in a variety of ways. No longer will technicians find that essential tools are out of stock because leadership can receive alerts when inventory levels fall below a predetermined threshold. Additionally, companies can maximize budgets by not over-ordering parts that are not needed at the moment.

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Real-time, automated scheduling

Scheduling is the bread-and-butter for any field service management company. Do it properly, and one can make the most of the technician’s time. Because this part of the business is so vital, a lot of field service management companies have taken to real-time, automated scheduling through field service management software. These AI-backed solutions also use GPS functionality, empowering the company to access technician locations at any time. Schedulers can use AI to create zones that keep technicians within a programmed area, thus keeping travel time between jobs (and fuel usage) to a minimum.

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Keep customers updated on status

Few things are more irritating for a customer than being kept in the dark on the status of their technician’s location. This is especially true for customers who are told to expect a technician in the dreaded eight-hour window. When synched with GPS functionality like what field service management software can offer, AI can alleviate much of that concern. With this approach, AI can automatically send text messages or place phone calls with a recording that updates the customer on their technician’s status. Those messages can come at regular intervals, including when their job is next on the technician’s list, when the technician is en route and when that technician has completed the job.

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EnSight+ is a comprehensive field service management software solution

The field service management software solution from EnSight+ uses automation and elements of AI to improve field service management companies’ operations. Our software is fully customizable and offers embedded modules like work order management, asset and inventory management, and scheduling and dispatching. To learn more about what we can do for your field service management company, book your demo today.



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