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Several reports show that mobile device ownership will keep climbing. In fact, some reports have pegged the number of mobile devices operating worldwide to grow by nearly 4 billion devices between 2020 and 2024.

Our world is already consumed with mobile phones and new technology. While almost everyone has a personal device, it’s logical to assume that commercial use helps drive growth. Construction is one industry that uses mobile technology strategically. Read on as we go in-depth on some of the ways that construction companies benefit from mobile connectivity.

It links leadership with the field

In the old days, leadership would need to make a site visit or get on the phone for project updates. Now, software integrated into mobile technology allows for instant, remote updates.

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Field service management software can be especially helpful in this regard as it often includes work order management modules. Leadership in the office can check on a given job from anywhere with an internet connection. Having that type of real-time visibility could prevent costly, cascading mistakes.

Mobile connectivity promotes safety on the job site

Another practical aspect of field service management software is that it provides an added medium to relay safety messages. Before an electrician starts an assignment, leadership can require that they watch a short safety video.  These videos will remind techs to wear proper eye protection via a mobile device.

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Beyond just safety reminders, mobile connectivity can serve as a conduit to insightful data that protect construction workers. A sensor can be easily installed on heavy machinery and hard hats, while drones can be used to capture images of potentially unsafe areas. This ensures site safety prior to starting any work.

It enables construction companies to keep better records

Construction companies that are still relying on paper-based record systems put themselves at risk of losing essential information. Mobile connectivity empowers construction companies to shift to digital formats. Everything from employee timesheets to proposals and budgets to blueprints. Digital document formats live in the cloud, so they’re accessible at any time. It’s easy to lose or damage paper copies; digital copies are secure and pre-formatted.

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It facilitates real-time, digital inspections

Another update to outdated paper-based processes, digital inspections are the future of the construction industry. Inspections completed on a mobile device are available instantly. Attachments of photos, videos, or additional forms can be seamlessly added along the way.

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There’s also the integration with other digital aspects like work order management, mentioned above. If an inspection uncovers subpar work, that inspector can easily assign a repair task to the right technician on the spot. All inspections can be archived for easy access should a future comparison be needed.

It improves productivity

Whether it’s using a mobile device’s camera to measure an area or software to create and distribute a proposal, there’s no doubt that mobile connectivity can improve productivity for construction companies. Workers on-site can submit orders, check job assignments and even flag potential problems in real-time, all of which can help the company avoid delays.

EnSight+ has helped many construction companies improve their operations through mobile connectivity. Our cloud-based field service management software is fully customizable, tailored to any construction company’s specific needs.

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