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Historically, few people have ever mentioned municipal management as being on the cutting edge of technological innovation. Smart cities that utilize the internet of things, also known as IoT, are finding that advanced tech tools can improve the lives of residents and streamline city functions. Many of those same municipalities have started using asset management systems like those found within field service management software. This combination of IoT and asset management investments can simplify operations and extend the longevity of assets.

Wondering what an asset management system can do for you? Read on for a few of the top benefits. 

Maximize municipal asset life

Municipal leaderships have a tough job; as city budgets have tightened, resident expectations and desires continue to soar. Balancing these two levers is certainly a challenge, but one way to do so is to increase the lifespan of critical assets for as long as possible.

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The most effective tactic a municipality can use to keep its assets in working order is preventive maintenance, and the asset management modules within field service management software make that a breeze. With field service software, you can pre-schedule maintenance like cleaning, rust removal, oil changes, road resurfacing, or whatever your assets need to remain functioning in perfect condition. Those tasks get automatically assigned, so they never get forgotten, and city assets remain pristine.

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Monitor and track data throughout the lifecycle

Every aspect of municipal management relies on data, including asset management. The technological solutions we’re discussing here empower municipal management to track all assets through their lifecycle. Users can also assign each asset with a custom status, like “in use,” “damaged,” “returned,” and more.

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The most valuable part of this data is that you can run custom reports based on the status. Interested in seeing the current condition of each of your city’s street signs? Simple. Need to know how many water treatment pipes are functioning properly? No problem. That same status data can provide historical context, including which times of year see the most frequent status changes. Armed with that information, leadership can better prepare and budget for the future.

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Save money and make residents happier by staying on top of stock levels

We often think of assets as machinery that helps the municipality in its daily duty to serve its residents. But for cities, “assets” also include tools and materials that municipality employees use to complete their tasks. In either case, you never want to run out. And you shouldn’t, thanks to asset management systems and field service management software.

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Many of these solutions utilize smart technology to monitor stock levels of the municipality’s most vital equipment, machinery, tools, and material at all times. In some cases, you can even set alerts to trigger a reorder as needed. The nice thing here is that this feature enables the municipal management to avoid paying extra for last-minute needs. Similar to the point we made earlier with data, the municipality can maximize order budgets by having greater visibility into stock levels. And when city leadership can plan better, they are able to communicate changes to citizens earlier, reducing friction and simplifying projects.

EnSight+ has an asset management system that is customizable to your needs

As a comprehensive field service management software solution, EnSight+ has many different modules—including an asset management system—that can help municipalities improve efficiencies, save money, make customers happier and extend the life of their assets. Still not convinced that an asset management system can help your municipality? Schedule your demo today, and let us show you.


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