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Employers have long sought the right carrot to dangle to boost the productivity of their workforce. Some have tried financial incentives, while others have opted for positive reinforcement in the form of shout-outs or affirmations. There’s certainly merit to any form of motivation that works, but research shows that one of the simplest ways for a business owner to get more out of their staff is simply by keeping their building clean and efficient. Business owners have a lot on their plates already, which is why many outsource their facilities management needs. Ones to companies that specialize in janitorial or maintenance services. This is especially true for those who own multiple facilities and pledge to uphold each building to a certain standard.

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Facilities management companies can make the lives of their employees and their occupants easier by using field service management software. In this blog, we will detail a few examples of how occupant productivity improves when field service management technology is adopted.

Work order management modules keep maintenance teams on task

One of the most widely used aspects of field service management software is the work order management module. Facilities management companies can create a work order, assign it, dispatch a tech, and mark it as complete all in one dashboard.

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These types of modules save time and create efficiencies for the maintenance team.  Digital work orders also drive benefits for occupants. For example, a series of light bulbs are out, which has caused one office to be dimmer than it should be. Experts say that bright lighting “significantly improves your ability to focus, concentrate, and stay alert.” If the facilities management team is utilizing field service management software, productivity-boosting maintenance tasks like changing light bulbs tend to get done faster.

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Field service management software helps you dispatch the right technician

There are many different areas within facilities management, each encompassing its own unique attributes. Facilities management teams may have employees skilled at multiple things, but some lines of work such as heating or air conditioning often require specialized knowledge. But why is air conditioning important for productivity? According to a World Green Building Council survey, 81% of workers said they struggled to concentrate if the temperature was too high, while 62% said completing tasks when they are hot can take up to 25% longer.

Facilities management companies using paper-based methods would have to rely on memory when it comes to selecting technicians for certain jobs. Details can be added to create profiles built for each technician showing their competencies and skills. That information can be very helpful when assigning techs to certain jobs. Be sure also to include things like certificates or any licenses held.

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Knock out emergencies faster than ever

Nothing can grind productivity to a halt like an emergency that forces a business to either close or reduces capacity. Can you imagine the ramifications of that? A leak results in the entire building’s water having to be shut off.  Also, this type of scenario is worrisome especially if you have technicians floating between sites. Yet, field service management software can help to soften that blow.

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The location of the facilities management company’s technicians would all be easily accessible thanks to GPS on mobile devices. If an emergency that halted productivity were to occur, locating and contacting the nearest qualified technician would be easy to do. Helping get productivity back up and running.

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EnSight+ has field service management software specifically for facilities management

The goal of any field service management software solution should be to help the company maximize efficiency.  We understand that you also want to help your occupant partners by boosting their productivity. EnSight+ does just that. Our solution is entirely customizable for companies that work in facilities management. We can help you do all of the things we discussed above. Interested in learning more? Book your demo today!


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