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In the game of football, offensive linemen are critical to a team’s success. They protect the quarterback and free up holes that allow running backs to gain yardage. It may seem like an odd connection, but offensive linemen are a lot like a utility company.

For most consumers, the expectation is that their power, gas, or water will function properly at all times. Most people don’t think twice about the team of technicians and back-office support that make their service reliable. Fortunately for utilities like yours, you can take steps to reduce the risk of service disruptions and at least help minimize any downtime. One of the most impactful things any utility can do is deploy a field service software solution like EnSight+ for task management. Here are a few of the top ways our platform can help utilities juggle complex logistics and shifting priorities to keep service up and running.

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Custom work orders

In the event, that there is an outage or your customers need you, creating a work order is likely the first step you’ll take. In the old days, this meant using paper-based tickets. Software solutions like ours have changed the game, and what makes EnSight+ really stand out is the ability to completely customize the process. With EnSight+, you can define objectives, create tailored data entry fields, and visualize dashboards to ensure your crews are scheduled accordingly. EnSight+ helps you ensure nothing is missed on-site, and technicians’ jobs are made easier.

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Coordinate vegetation management

One of the biggest contributors to outages and utilities’ snafus is overgrown vegetation. Unfortunately, maintaining vegetation can be a logistical nightmare for utilities that cover large swaths of geographic territory. Remembering to keep bushes and trees trimmed near critical infrastructure is challenging when trying to keep a running tally.

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Through our work order module, utilities can schedule tasks in advance, including recurring jobs like vegetation management. You to create profiles on technicians whose skills and core competencies can be added. That means that trimming those pesky trees will never fall off your radar. Even better, the technicians who receive the assignment are expertly skilled at this type of work.

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Always locate the nearest technician

When there’s an emergency, time is of the essence, but when things get really bad, dispatching a technician located across town won’t cut it. That’s where the GPS-enabled capabilities of EnSight+ can come in handy. Technicians carry mobile devices used to access the software and schedulers in the office can quickly locate each one. Dispatching those technicians in a position to arrive the fastest.

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Comprehensively manage long-cycle projects

Long-cycle projects like meter installations or changes to every home in a geographic area involve spinning many different plates. There’s plenty going on, from ensuring workers are staying on task and maintaining progress, to managing employees’ time, overseeing assets and materials, balancing budgets, and supervising contractors. That’s where we come in.

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EnSight+ has a customizable module embedded within our platform that directly addresses each of those needs. Our time and expense management enables employees to clock in and out remotely and leadership to approve time-sheets from anywhere.  Our asset and inventory management and contractor management modules supply leadership with unmatched visibility.  Keeping projects running smoothly, on time and on task.

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