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COVID-19 created many changes, both useful and challenging, in how business is done and what customers can expect from service providers. In response, plenty of companies are finding new, more efficient ways to operate. Consumers have also grown to appreciate the onset of “the appointment economy.”

At its core, the appointment economy represents a seismic shift from the traditional standard. It’s a transition away from hours-long appointment windows, waiting rooms, and lengthy queues for service. Consumers (and businesses) are now better at utilizing digital platforms to deliver on-demand service that takes less time and makes consumers happier.

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Examples of how the appointment economy works for field service

As mentioned, the appointment economy enables action on the consumer’s terms, a major perk-come-requirement for success in the service industry. That means that field service companies must find unique ways to eliminate the barriers that prevented immediacy. Consumers are no longer willing to stay on hold to schedule an appointment or wait for a technician to arrive. Thankfully, there are a variety of tech tools that can make that demand easier than some companies may think.

99% of marketers feel that personalization advances customer relationships and that more than 90% of all customers expect a personalized experience.

Self-selection functionality on a website is a good first step to put power back in the hands of the consumer. With this tool, a consumer can comb through openings and book appointments at their leisure. Another example is allowing the consumer to purchase new services in advance. Think of a homeowner who requests their lawn maintenance company to place fresh mulch with the click of a button.

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As with most aspects of field service (or any business, really), communication is key. The appointment economy is big on both communication and transparency. For example, instead of consumers wondering when their technician will arrive, they expect real-time status updates. For example, the business can alert customers when technicians depart for a consumer’s house via a text, push notification, email, or a combination chosen by the customer.

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Benefits of the appointment economy for field service

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that consumers want personalization, but the stats definitely support that claim. According to a list of data-backed stats on personalization provided by HubSpot, 99% of marketers feel that personalization advances customer relationships and that more than 90% of all customers expect a personalized experience. We also know that consumers value their time — and seemingly have less of it to give than ever before.

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Fortunately, time and experience are the two areas where the appointment economy can provide the greatest lift. Customers are empowered to manage their service, while service companies can learn about their unique needs and better anticipate future interactions. When customers need something simple such as a schedule change or profile update, field service companies can facilitate a better experience through digital offerings, accomplished with just a click. Those are advantages that add up to better-utilized employees and happier consumers.

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Another opportunity for field service companies to improve their consumers’ experiences is through software like EnSight+ provides. Our customizable field service software is designed for effective mobile workforce management. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your business (and your consumers), book your demo today.


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