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These days, the Internet truly is all around us.  The times of people using personal computers in their living room to surf the web at dial-up speeds are gone. In addition to mobile devices and blazing-fast connections, today’s use also involves a network of physical objects. Objects embedded with sensors and software using internet connectivity to exchange data. That concept is known as the Internet of Things, or IoT.

While IoT offers immense possibilities for end users and consumers, many of the advantages achieved by this technology can also benefit field service companies. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how IoT works and the ways it can influence a field service outfit’s proactive maintenance and assist the company in meeting heightened customer expectations.

What is IoT, and how does it work?

Whether you realized it or not, you’ve most likely interacted with an object that’s part of an IoT network. These devices include everything from smart televisions to thermostats, kitchen appliances to doorbell cameras. IoT technology is enabled by sensors embedded into the device that connects to the Internet. It then facilitates the exchange of data. For example, those of you who like piping hot coffee can have a freshly brewed carafe with just a few swipes on your mobile device. Thanks to IoT. Many of today’s latest coffee makers are IoT-enabled and empower consumers to operate the appliance remotely via a smartphone app.

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While that’s an example of IoT at a basic, consumer level, industrial IoT takes the concept to a new plateau. Industrial IoT again uses sensors and cloud technologies on a much grander scale. Good examples of industrial IoT include smart power grids, connected logistics, and solutions like field service management software. 

IoT’s impact on proactive maintenance and solving customer problems

One of the most seamless ways field service management companies can make the most of IoT and smart technology is through the use of field service management software. These cloud-based solutions enable critical knowledge and data sharing across one single, shared platform. 

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The most robust of these platforms feature asset and inventory management modules that empower field service companies to more effectively manage the tools, parts, and equipment that help the business thrive. Each individual asset can be tracked throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that nothing is ever misplaced and that stock levels remain appropriate at all times (meaning you can maximize order budgets and eradicate stock outages). 

In essence, field service management software solutions act as a data repository for everything the company does. When a part goes out or an asset is used, it’s automatically recorded. That’s important because historical documentation gives the business keen insights into how long the asset will last. For instance, routine maintenance on fleet vehicles might lead a company to recognize that their vans’ tires aren’t lasting nearly as long as they initially thought. Armed with that information, they can better budget for the future. Additionally, automated task scheduling in the software’s work order management module ensures those appointments are never missed.

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So, what does this have to do with the customer? These efforts improve company operations, which in turn make customers happier. Technicians no longer arrive without necessary parts, and vehicles no longer break down en route to an appointment.

EnSight+ enables proactive maintenance and a refined focus on customer expectations

As a comprehensive cloud-based field service management software provider, EnSight+ has the functionality in place to support field service management companies as they aim to improve operations. If your business does not practice proactive maintenance and your customers’ experiences suffer because of it, we hope you’ll consider EnSight+. Book your demo today to see for yourself what we can do for you. 



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