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Ask a field service industry leader why they do what they do. Most would say it’s because they love it. Field service jobs tend to be rewarding, whether it’s in construction, utilities, or home service. In these industries, satisfaction comes from knowing you’ve done right by your customers. You have the opportunity to build trusting relationships within your communities and learn something new each day.

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However, as field service companies grow, leadership spends less time helping people and more time handling administrative tasks. But, what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a way to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and streamline processes? There is, with EnSight+ and our time and expense management module. Here are a couple of quick reasons why investing in our time and expense management software is essential.

Track expenses, time & attendance from anywhere

If you’re someone who likes to work remotely, EnSight+ makes it easier. Our intuitive software solution enables leaders to monitor employees’ time at their leisure. With EnSight+, you’re able to review, approve, or deny important employee documents like time-sheets and time off requests, from anywhere.

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Our customers love the time and expense management module because it helps their businesses comply with government and industry regulations. This provides both legal protection and a valuable record of historical expense data. The EnSight+ solution is completely customizable, so we can work together to set rules for overtime, union restrictions, and even state or federal laws. That way, no lines are crossed that could harm your employees’ health or your business’s reputation.

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Automate expense management

EnSight+ isn’t just a way to monitor time and expenses — it’s an upgrade in the way you work. Take the expense submission process as an example. Gone are the days of having to sift through piles of receipts and loose-leaf papers to reconcile expenses. EnSight+ simplifies that experience by having field workers submit expenses through our cloud-based platform. Employees can attach images of receipts and/or products purchased to make the review process simple and straightforward. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, leadership can quickly review, approve, or reject claims directly from the platform from anywhere.

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As an added bonus, using EnSight+ eliminates the need for additional expense tracking software. This means your business could save hundreds to thousands of dollars every month.

Instant access to immense amounts of data

As we mentioned earlier, EnSight+ field service software serves as a repository for company time and expense data. Leadership can access data on essential budgetary considerations like overtime submissions and expense claims, making it easy for you to fully purge old paperwork from your files. Generating reports to analyze patterns and behaviors among your mobile workforce is a breeze.

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With data like this at their fingertips, leadership can seamlessly spot cost-saving opportunities or mistakes in expense submissions and time cards. It’s that easy.

We understand that no two businesses are built the same, and this is why we customize our solution to each company’s specific needs. Book your demo today to hear how our field service software solution can make your life easier and improve your time and expense management efforts.


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