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It goes without saying, but you can’t fix what you can’t see. And unfortunately, therein lies the problem for a lot of field service businesses. Even if these businesses could see what’s wrong, they often aren’t able to diagnose why those areas are problematic. All due to a lack of visibility into the business. There is, however, one user-friendly tool capable of that. Field service management software can arm field service businesses with insights into not only what’s wrong, but also how to fix it.

Today, we’ll dig deeper into some of the most common ways a lack of visibility can hurt a business. We’ll also explore the difference a field service management software solution like EnSight+ can have on a company’s processes and operations.

 Technicians will never have to hunt for information

Field service companies that still utilize paper-based methods will assuredly have employees who know the pain of having to scour through a stack of pages to find critical information. Fortunately for those companies that made the move to EnSight+, that is no longer a problem. That’s because our software solution acts as a repository for a company’s most important information. This includes everything from current work orders to historical customer requests, contact information, and access details like gate codes. Thanks to EnSight+, all that and more are available with a few swipes on their mobile device.

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Leadership is kept in the know on project status

Another shortcoming of the paper-based method of work order management is that leadership was only aware of what they either physically saw or heard. The embedded work order management module within EnSight+ now empowers leadership to follow along in real-time as technicians proceed throughout their day. A manager can check the status of any job to check if it’s yet to be started, in progress, or complete. Plus, our platform enables technicians to upload rich media files, so leadership can view photos or videos of completed work before the technician even leaves the job site.

Techs’ physical location comes into focus

In most cases, we talk about visibility in terms of having access to vital data or details. But EnSight+ does much more with visibility than just helping back-office employees find information. Thanks to GPS-enabled mobile devices, our solution allows companies to locate technicians at any time. This feature is particularly important for scheduling and dispatching, especially in the event of an emergency. Especially in cases where time is of the essence. Instead of dispatching the technician you think is the closest to the emergency, EnSight+ allows you to dispatch the technician you know is the closest.

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Dispatch the right tech every time

Another unique and compelling scheduling and dispatching-related aspect of our solution is the opportunity to create profiles on technicians. Within these profiles, leadership can upload technician preferences, areas of expertise, licenses, and more. With those details available, schedulers and dispatchers have constant visibility into the types of jobs each technician should be assigned. Ensuring that tasks out of one’s skill set are never doled out.  An approach likely to improve first-time fix rates.

Monitor and improve employee safety

As every field service organization knows, safety is everything. But ensuring a mobile workforce follows the rules can be a challenge since they’re often driving or at the job site with no supervision. And that’s where EnSight+ comes in. Remember those GPS-enabled devices? Because technicians carry those devices on their person at all times, leadership can track driving habits and patterns, including how fast a fleet vehicle is going and the frequency of hard braking. If the data shows the employee participating in reckless or dangerous driving, leadership can use that as a teaching opportunity.

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Not only can EnSight+ provide your team with nearly unparalleled visibility that improves productivity and helps you find new efficiencies, but our custom platform can also be launched in four weeks or less. Book your demo today to learn more.


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