There are many businesses with fleets of vehicles at the core of their business model, like taxi companies, truck rental services, and pickup/delivery services, just to name a few. Any fleet manager should have a good understanding of what fleet telematics is and how it can benefit their business.

Let’s dive even deeper into answering your question: What is fleet telematics?

EnSight Plus infographic: What is Fleet Telematics?

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The term telematics evolved from combining the words telecommunications (the exchange of information across distance) and informatics (the science of processing data). A more direct definition of telematics is a data collecting system that can provide you with guidance and actionable insights straight from your machine.

A fleet telematics solution can provide information on a vehicle’s:

  • Location
  • Speed and idle time
  • Fuel economy
  • Engine temperature
  • Auxiliary loads
  • Power take-off status
  • Odometer readings
  • Individual tire pressures
  • Seat belt status
  • And more…

The wealth of data provided by fleet telematics tracking can support immediate and ongoing optimization of operations – a great benefit to managers seeking new ways to drive costs down. Incidentally, this level of fleet optimization also tends to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint, providing a unique competitive advantage for companies that are considering a more socially-conscious brand image.

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Fleet telematics is a nuanced science; there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all telematics solution.  Fleet managers must be educated on the different solutions and have a sense of which features would be most useful to them.

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Fleet Telematics are separated into 4 levels.  Each is designed to solve specific problems depending on the different use cases. EnSight+ is a fully customizable field service software and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your enterprise.


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