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The world is more connected today than it’s ever been. We’re now capable of communicating through text, voice, or video with someone across the world.  While we often think of these feature-rich and tech-forward platforms as boons to our personal lives, the benefits are just as abundant for businesses. More specifically for businesses with a mobile workforce. Field service management software is the solution these companies need to bridge the gap, increase interconnectivity and become more productive.

EnSight+ is a cloud-based field service management software that can do all that and more.  That is why so many companies rely heavily on our solution. Still not convinced? Here are a few of the top ways that a mobile application like EnSight+ can improve your field service operations.

Communicate more effectively

The most challenging aspect of managing a mobile workforce is maintaining communication streams. With many teams spread out across the company’s geographic footprint, relaying information isn’t easy. While you could always call the employee on their mobile device, the chances of ringing them while in the middle of a job are high. 

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EnSight+ solves this problem with ubiquitous access and a single, shared platform. Since the solution is based in the cloud, any information added to the platform instantaneously reaches field technicians. For example, if an appointment changes, technicians are alerted on their mobile devices in real-time, with all the information they need. No game of phone tag is required.

Work orders are consolidated and better organized

We touched briefly on the fact that EnSight+ is a single, shared platform. That’s an incredibly important part of improving operations for a number of different reasons, including work order management. Companies that still use outdated paper-based methods count on technicians to not lose, stain, rip or tear work orders, which can be a challenge considering the physical nature of the job. 

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Assuming the work order makes it back to the shop in one piece, it must be logged and filed accordingly. However, EnSight+ digitizes that entire process, with technicians receiving that day’s work orders on their mobile devices. Any updates to the job, including notating task completion, stays in that digital work order. The big benefit here is that those digital work orders automatically become archived and can be easily retrieved, unlike paper work orders that get stored in a filing cabinet.

Stay connected no matter where you are

For some field service management companies, daily tasks can take technicians outside of areas where traditional cell service or data is available. While that might be a problem for companies that use paper-based methods or rely solely on phone calls for communication, it’s never an issue with EnSight+. That’s because we offer a unique online/offline mode that enables technicians to remain connected no matter where they are.

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In the event service is unavailable, technicians will enter information into the system as if it were. This can be anything from changes to a work order, to asset and inventory updates and even timesheet entries. When the technician does reach a spot where service is available, EnSight+ will automatically push that data to the platform without the technician having to do anything else. 

Every route becomes the right route

Few things stand to irritate a customer more than a late-arriving technician. But with so many different variables impacting drive times, there’s only so much a company can do, right? That may be true, but one of the things that are possible is to use EnSight+ for real-time route guidance.

Our sophisticated software generates turn-by-turn directions for drivers that always puts them on the most direct path to their next stop. We even update those directions in real-time to account for traffic delays or road closures that can cause technicians to miss appointments. Ready to see for yourself what relying on a mobile application like EnSight+ can do for you? Book your demo today.


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