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The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is a well-known concept. It describes how about 80% of all consequences come from 20% of causes. It’s commonly cited in regards to economics, computing, sports, and personal health. As Field Service News writes, it also applies to field service logistics. In areas of heavy congestion, the last 20% of a technician’s trip can account for 80% of total travel time.

Traffic conditions aside, last-mile delivery is describing the commute, or final step of a delivery or service appointment. This last step is incredibly important to a field service company’s success. Minimizing delays, providing open channels for communication, and fine-tuning operations can pay dividends when it comes to customer satisfaction and managing budgets. As a result, field service companies are now putting their faith in technology like field service management software to get them where they need to be. Both literally and figuratively.

Reduce fuel and operating costs

The most robust versions of field service management software typically have a module dedicated to scheduling, routing, and dispatching technicians. This module is a benefit to companies with an interest in last-mile analytics. The solution can automate tedious, manual processes for scheduling and routing.

The Pareto principle or 80/20 Rule: 80% of results come from 20% of causes. It’s cited in economics, computing, sports & health. It also applies to #fieldservice logistics. In heavy traffic, the last 20% of a technician’s trip is 80% of travel time. Click To Tweet
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With field service software optimizes routes for efficiency, with turn-by-turn directions updated in real-time based on current traffic conditions. Those features allow drivers to consume less fuel, spend less time idling, and put less wear and tear on fleet vehicles. And because field service management software utilizes mobile devices with GPS capabilities, back-office employees can monitor employees’ driving habits, speed, and see if they’re following the outlined routes.

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Better workforce utilization

The only thing worse than a company performing poorly in last-mile delivery is repeatedly performing poorly in last-mile delivery. That’s precisely what can happen when there’s a problem on the first attempt. The first-time fix or delivery rate is an important data point that field service companies should closely monitor. In many of these cases, the first attempt fails because the technician or driver was not equipped for the job. However, field service management software can help reduce missed appointments and repeat visits.

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A lot of field service management platforms will enable companies to catalog critical information about technicians or drivers. These nuggets of information can include everything from licenses and certificates to habits, patterns, and preferences. For example. the system can keep track of drivers who are more and less comfortable navigating city centers. Why? Because a nervous driver is more likely to have a delayed arrival.

Improved customer satisfaction

We’ve talked a lot about last-mile delivery and how software can improve a company’s operations and aid in cost reduction, but there’s also a customer element to recognize. At the end of the day, customers just want delivery drivers and field technicians to arrive at their house or business as promised. Field service management software can help with that.

Because drivers are taking the most direct route, they reach the customer faster, decreasing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. Win-win for the business and its customers.

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EnSight+ can assist with your last-mile delivery efforts

We offer a fully customizable field service management software solution that companies just like yours benefit from every day. For example, our scheduling, routing, and dispatch module have helped customers achieve a 21% average reduction in fuel consumption. They also improved on-time arrivals by 28% on average. To learn more about what we can do for you, book your demo today.


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