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The rise of the remote workforce has transformed fleet management. Legions of remote workers are operating company vehicles from dozens of disconnected locations. Keeping track of the daily details takes an incredible effort.

Fleet managers do the hard work of analyzing costs and benchmarking budgets no matter the conditions. Now that remote workers are operating vehicles in far-flung locations, managers need to reconsider some of the basic assumptions about company fleets.

For instance, when people work remotely, they typically take their company vehicle home at night. Having workers use vehicles 24/7 rather than 9-5 creates potentially huge new costs in terms of fuel usage and service. Thankfully, field service management software (FSM) equipped with features like geofencing allows managers to closely monitor usage even when there are vehicles on opposite coasts.

While fleet management is becoming more challenging, technology streamlines the processes. Learn about four ways that commercial fleets commonly waste money and how the right FSM software can solve each one:

Idle Time

There are a small number of days with perfect weather. When it’s hot or cold outside, remote workers often sit in their company vehicles with the engine running, wasting gas. FSM software allows commercial fleet managers to monitor when fleet vehicles are idle, which can help them set new rules to cut down on wasted fuel. Managers can see similar cost savings by using telematics, fuel reporting, and even gamification to encourage workers to use and buy fuel as efficiently as possible.

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Poor Route Planning

There is always an optimal route between two points, but that doesn’t mean drivers are following it. Traveling efficiently becomes even harder when companies are trying to juggle service calls and work orders at multiple locations. FSM software helps commercial fleet managers avoid the guesswork of where to send vehicles thanks to routing algorithms. Automated intelligence can analyze where workers need to go and then devise schedules and routes that minimize the miles traveled. In practice, every route is as efficient as possible.

Missed Repairs and Maintenance

Getting company vehicles serviced on schedule and repaired consistently is difficult. More so, when those vehicles are spread across the country with different supervisors. FSM software keeps everyone coordinated. A simple alert system can tell the right person when a vehicle is due for an oil change or needs a new set of tires, ensuring cost-saving preventative maintenance is performed on time. In the best cases, FSM software can even share pictures of the interior and exterior of a vehicle, allowing managers to do an inspection from a remote location. An effective maintenance program lowers costs across the board. Plus, well-maintained vehicles might be eligible for resale after retiring from the fleet, creating new revenue opportunities.

Want a handy guide to preventive fleet maintenance? Download our Fleet Maintenance Checklist to get started

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Bad driving isn’t just dangerous — it’s wasteful. Accelerating quickly uses more gas, decelerating quickly is hard on the brakes, and aggressive driving is harder on all vehicle components. FSM software gives commercial fleet managers a view into how drivers are actually operating the company vehicles in their care. If there’s an issue, managers can take corrective action and monitor whether driving improves. Better driving leads to lower operating costs and, most significantly, safer driving. Considering that accidents involving work-related vehicles cost companies an estimated $60 billion in 2017 alone, rooting out dangerous driving needs to be a priority for fleet managers.

The opportunity of remote fleets far outweighs the challenges. With the aid of FSM software, companies can reap the benefits of centralized management and monitoring from afar. If you’re searching for a tech partner in the utility industry, get in touch with EnSight Plus. Our team would be happy to answer your questions.


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