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Every good ship needs a capable captain, and the same can be said for field service management companies. Like a fleet of ships, many of these businesses command a large number of company vehicles. From the outside, this might seem straightforward, but zoom in on the fleet manager. It will be clear that this person has a special set of skills required to handle the many moving parts involved in fleet management.

Effective fleet managers can lead teams to departmental and organizational success by identifying waste, managing fuel costs, and increasing worker productivity. But just what does it take to make that happen? Today, we’ll recap the top five fleet manager skills and discuss their importance to the job.

Technical & Analytical Know-How

Modern advancements in technology, including the use of fleet management software (FSM), can greatly enhance operations. Since companies are on a never-ending quest for improvement, they are adopting FSM software at growing rates each year. So, one of the most important fleet manager skills is proficiency with FSM software and tools. In fact, for many fleet managers, having a solid grasp of FSM features is a standard part of the job. FSM software proficiency is essentially a baseline so requirement for keeping up with the competition. Those who want to take their fleet manager skills beyond this level might consider learning specialized knowledge such as: automotive technology components, data security, telematics, and current innovations in customer service.

Financial Expertise

Understanding the financial side of the business may not seem like one of the most necessary fleet manager skills, but it’s an essential one to have. In addition to overseeing the condition of the vehicles and how they are used, fleet managers are responsible for performing careful analysis and industry benchmarking required to develop a fleet budget.

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We’ve already mentioned how software can help companies operate more efficiently and effectively. A robust FSM solution will include tools for budgeting and analytics that can save a fleet manager time.

Regulation & Compliance

It goes without saying, but a leader’s fleet manager skills should include a thorough understanding of the industry and its regulatory climate. Recommending and managing fleet management policies is essential for executing financial and regulatory goals.

As a fleet manager, it is your responsibility to educate drivers and reinforce compliance. Within your tool bag of fleet manager skills, it’s imperative that you develop strategies that focus on these types of preventive efforts. Prioritizing regulation and compliance can pay off in the form of fewer liabilities, a trusted reputation and lasting business success.

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Knowledge of Telematics

Another benefit of a leader with well-rounded fleet manager skills is the ability to predict mechanical failure. An understanding of telematics and a knack for interpreting data is quickly becoming a requirement for optimal field service management. Expertise in using telematics can mean the difference between minor maintenance and a more expensive repair down the road.

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Secure Practices

Security typically falls on the fleet manager’s shoulders when integrating software into fleet management operations. So, we’ve added secure practices to our list of must-have fleet manager skills. Developing secure processes may include appointing internal risk management personnel to ensure security compliance is enforced at the ground level. In a modern business, it also means emphasizing security features when deciding on an FSM provider.

Final Thoughts on Fleet Manager Skills

We’ve talked a lot today about fleet manager skills and how leaders can better contribute to their organization. One of the most impactful ways to make a difference is by aligning with an FSM provider that genuinely shares your organizational goals.

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Boasting a comprehensive fleet management module, the cloud-based software solution from EnSight+ can bring out the best of your fleet manager skills to make a meaningful impact on the company. Interested in learning more about our fully customizable platform? Book a demo of the software today.

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