Improving Project Management Efforts with EnSight+

There’s a lot to love about working for a business in the field service industry. Unlike some jobs that are monotonous, field service work typically brings the type of variety that people enjoy. Additionally, you’re getting the chance to do something that helps people, which workers appreciate. The nature of the field service business also…

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Keep Employees Accountable Using Field Service Software

It’s been repeatedly said that employees who feel connected to their company tend to perform better than those who don’t. The reason is simple: We all like to make a difference and contribute to a bigger purpose. Historically, fostering ownership among employees develops a sense of accountability. When the entire organization is on board with…

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Data Security Through Software Vendors

There’s no doubt that utilities provide an invaluable service to their customers. One of the strongest pillars of this relationship is trust. For utilities, trust has hinged on the ability to deliver clean water, electricity, and/or gas safely and efficiently. But as the utility industry has started to embrace digital technologies, a new form of…

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Four Reasons Your Utility Should Move to Software

Gone are the days of providers resting on their laurels and built-in customer bases just because they can. Today’s utilities recognize that customers demand more than ever before. The way to accommodate that demand is through operational changes that improve the customer experience. They also act as a conduit to newfound efficiency and cost savings….

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Integrate Technology into Post-COVID Planning

We’re now some 15 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the first time, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is readily available and more people are returning to work, though most utilities never shut down. Deemed essential workers, utility employees bravely pushed forward in their jobs…

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Software Platform Selection for Your Energy Company: What to Ask Before You Buy

Software Platforms: Customized or Off-the-Shelf? As an energy executive, you don’t have a thousand hours to spend customizing essential software. It’s a crucial step, though, and if you settle for an off-the-shelf version, it’s unlikely the software will meet your needs — not to mention the millions in add-on fees you could accrue by retrofitting…

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Field Service Scheduling Is Good Customer Care

Many different variables can play a role in a field service manager’s journey toward improving customer service and reducing waste. But regardless of the path taken along that journey, the destination must include job completion to the satisfaction of the customer. In fact, research has shown that 76 percent of customers report they’re willing to switch…

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4 Simple Measures for Fleet Management Cost Reduction

Fleet management includes a wide array of responsibilities critical to the longevity and track of your fleet. Managers hire and oversee employee drivers. They carry out onboarding, training protocols, establish and ensure legal compliance, and maintain expense and vehicle records. Fleet managers work with drivers, maintenance technicians, and human resources employees every week, sometimes multiple…

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How a Fleet Management System Can Boost Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that motor vehicle crashes cause fatalities at a rate of 11 per 100,000. Many of those accidents occur during peak workday travel times and with company vehicles. For managers who oversee company fleets, a thorough safety and training program can be instrumental in preventing these accidents. In addition…

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