Prioritize Vehicle Health with Fleet Maintenance

Of the 16 million new cars and light trucks sold annually in the U.S., nearly 20 percent are fleet vehicles. For the rental car companies, government agencies and private businesses who buy them, these vehicles are crucial for business operations. While businesses have long debated the financial merits of leasing versus buying vehicles, there are…

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How a Fleet Tracking System Connects the Field and Office

Leading a team of geographically-dispersed employees? Now that’s a real challenge that can make overseeing your employees’ behavior nearly impossible. However, modern technology has made it easier to more effectively manage remote or field employees. For example, one of the most helpful tools you could add to your toolkit is a fleet tracking system. Modern technology…

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How Fleet Managers Succeed: 3 Ways to Win

Fleet managers know: If there’s one feature that all utility companies have in common, it’s the importance of highly dependable, well-maintained vehicles. The transportation of technicians, engineers, and installation professionals is part of what makes field service possible. 3 Ways to Win A fleet manager who is willing to interpret data and adapt their fleet…

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Commercial Fleet Savings Strategies

The rise of the remote workforce has transformed fleet management. Legions of remote workers are operating company vehicles from dozens of disconnected locations. Keeping track of the daily details takes an incredible effort. Fleet managers do the hard work of analyzing costs and benchmarking budgets no matter the conditions. Now that remote workers are operating…

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Vendor Evaluation: Ask These 5 Questions Before the Job Begins

Businesses across industries lean on third-party partners all the time. Vendors step in and solve problems that are outside the scope of businesses’ resources or expertise, lending their knowledge as needed. It’s the role that EnSight+ fills for our clients. One such job was for a client that installs utility equipment. This client needed highly…

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Field Service Manager Responsibilities: 4 Areas of Focus

Field service managers are in many ways the glue that holds utility companies together. They oversee and keep track of a company’s technicians, engineers, repairmen, and linemen, giving them the direction, guidance, and support they need to carry out their day-to-day tasks. Below we’ll discuss four key field service manager responsibilities and why they’re important to business success.

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The 7 Fleet Management Software Features You Need

Fleet management software and telematics are powerful digital toolboxes. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the fleet management software features and applications found in the best platforms.

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3 Field Service Manager Challenges (and How to Beat Them)

The field service manager is in many ways the glue that holds utility companies together. They oversee and keep track of a company’s technicians, engineers, repairmen, and linemen, giving them daily direction and guidance. Related: Fleet Manager Skills That Make a Difference This large amount of responsibility is likely going to come with some challenges…

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Budget Creation for Fleet Managers

The creation and upkeep of a fleet management budget are the first responsibilities given to a new fleet manager. It’s Easier than You Think After all, effective fleet budgeting determines the dollar amount that can be reinvested into the business. This article walks you through a few fleet budget strategies that can be applied to…

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