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As is the case with many industries, field service management organizations rely heavily on data when making operational decisions. For example, sagging first-time fix rates might prompt personnel changes. Rising gas prices can also influence the territory the business works within. But another metric that field service management organizations should be equally as focused on: Carbon footprint.

The not-for-profit Earth.org defines carbon footprint as “the total amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere…” While recent awareness campaigns have shed light on different ways we can reduce our own personal carbon footprint (i.e. avoid single-use plastics and utilize public transportation), organizations and communities should share in that same obligation. If your field service management organization is interested in finding ways to minimize your carbon footprint, you’re in luck. Read on for a few of our top tips.

Prioritize engine calibration in fleet vehicles

As a reminder, engine calibration is the act of fine-tuning a fleet vehicle’s internal computers to optimize driving patterns. There are a few different ways to do this, and software exists to make this process easier. So, why focus on engine calibration? The benefits are tremendous. First, fine-tuning a vehicle’s engine will improve the vehicle’s fuel economy—a boon for those seeking ways to reduce emissions. Some evidence even shows engine calibration resulting in a fuel reduction of as much as 15%

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Companies are reducing their carbon footprint dramatically through engine calibration—to the tune of nearly 3 cubic tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually per vehicle. Multiply that number across an entire fleet, and it’s easy to see how one simple act makes a significant difference.

Keep idling at a minimum

Another simple way to curtail fuel consumption is to instruct drivers to keep idling in fleet vehicles at a minimum. There’s an old myth that turning a vehicle off and back on burns more fuel than leaving it running. But that’s simply not true. Another common belief is that diesel engines need five to 10 minutes to warm up before use. However, the reality is that most modern engines have eliminated the need to idle before use. 

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an idling diesel engine will on average consume 0.8 gallons of fuel per hour and emit more than 18 pounds of CO2. You might think passenger vehicles like cars, vans, and trucks may not have a big impact. Yet, the data says otherwise. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that eliminating unnecessary idling from the behaviors of drivers in personal vehicles would be the equivalent of removing 5 million vehicles from American roads.

Promote a paperless culture

Until now, we’ve talked a lot about lowering your carbon footprint by tweaking your management and use of fleet vehicles. There are plenty of other ways, like preventive maintenance, that can additionally help in that regard. But we also wanted to provide a non-fleet vehicle tip, and one of the most impactful is moving the organization toward a paperless culture. 
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Historically, field service management organizations have been heavy paper users, but that no longer has to be the case. Field service management software like what EnSight+ offers provides organizations like yours with a seamless way to transition to a paperless model. Our platform features digital modules designed exclusively for operations that typically use a lot of paper, like work order management, time and expense management, and asset and inventory management. Studies show that paper accounts for more than one-fourth of all total waste in landfills, so a move toward a paperless office makes sustainable sense.

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