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Once upon a time, the thought of carrying a smartphone (a device as powerful as a computer yet small enough to fit in your hand) seemed like fodder for a sci-fi flick. The rate at which technology has evolved has completely transformed the way we live and work. With that evolution comes a set of new standards, as things that were once a luxury are now a necessity.

In the case of businesses that employ a mobile workforce, that’s exactly what has happened with field service management (FSM) software. The days of paper-based work orders and handwritten schedules have given way to sophisticated and customizable modules. Here are the top five reasons why field service management software is now essential.

FSM software can increase productivity in a mobile workforce

One of the biggest benefits of field service management software is that it helps companies discover new efficiencies and tap into talent. Robust versions of this software include scheduling, routing, and dispatch module that touts real-time route guidance supported by GPS. Leadership can feel confident knowing that drivers are always on the most efficient route. Also reducing the risk of running late for a service call and cascading delays throughout the day. A technician can theoretically accomplish more in a day than a colleague who is constantly plagued by hindrances and interruptions.

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It enables better customer service

Despite a driver’s best efforts, some delays are bound to happen.  Very few things irritate a customer more than a late service technician.  But in many cases, that friction can be eased with a simple phone call. In the days when field service companies relied on paper, that process may have meant a series of phone calls between technicians and the back-office team. Along with sorting through papers to find the customer’s contact information.

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Because field service management software houses all work orders and customer data on one centralized platform, technicians can use their mobile device to seamlessly pull the phone number for their next appointment. Sometimes, a quick call can avert a crisis.

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It facilitates real-time information gathering

The example above is a good one.  It showcases a technician’s ability to grab information as needed while on the go. But what about when the roles are reversed? What about when someone in the office needs information for employees who are on the go? Field service management software can help.

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Because these platforms utilize GPS, leadership and back-office employees can view the location of field workers at any time. Some solutions even offer a map view that includes all employees at once.  An essential feature in times of crisis is when dispatchers must locate the nearest employee for a prompt response. Other examples of real-time information include inventory levels, billing information, updated work orders, customer history, and more.

It keeps employees safer

Many field service industry workers experience potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis.  Safety should always be paramount. What a lot of people don’t realize is that field service management software can play a part in a company’s safety plan procedures. One of the best ways to do this is through custom instructions.  Built right into each work order.  Reminding a technician about critical safety measures, like wearing protective eye-wear or a helmet.

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Additionally, because these digital work orders can host rich media, leadership can even include a safety video or photos to help reinforce employee well-being. Technicians may be required to watch a video prior to work, or even before moving the work order onto the next stage of its lifecycle.

It can save your company money

The ways in which field service management software can save a company money are far-reaching.  Ranging from reduced fuel consumption and longer lifetimes for fleet vehicles to avoidance of unplanned overtime and improved first-time fix rates. It helps companies operate more efficiently, forecast future staffing and material needs, and reduce overall production costs.

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EnSight+ can do all this and more

We understand that some field service businesses may be hesitant to update processes and transition from paper-based methods to field service management software, but we’re here to help. The field service management software solution from EnSight+ is fully customizable, which means we work with you to develop the modules that matter most to your business. Best of all, we can get your tailored solution up and running in four weeks or less. Book your demo today to see why adding EnSight+ to the mix is essential for your business.


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