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Workers across industries (plumbers, HVAC techs, construction foremen…) all have diverse skill sets. The common thread among them: a desire to improve efficiency and the first-time fix rate. 

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Fortunately for EnSight Plus customers, those two areas are our bread and butter. Our field service management software can increase efficiency by 37% and reduce error rates by 88%. EnSight Plus software is fully customizable, so any business sector can use it. Every deployment is different, based on their business needs and processes. Here are four of the industries that can benefit:


Speed and proficiency are critical in the utility industry because they are so vital. Power outages can be devastating to those who rely on electrical equipment. And if there’s a gas leak, technicians are needed right away to avoid life-threatening situations. EnSight Plus field service software helps utility companies respond quickly in emergencies, so they can provide high-quality service in real-time.

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EnSight Plus can customize a work order flow that ensures you’re dispatching techs with appropriate skills for each job. A power outage in an apartment building could affect hundreds of residents, and it’s imperative that responders can handle the outage. Also, it’s important that any techs responding can arrive quickly. EnSight Plus can select technicians with correct training, availability, and distance from the job site to maximize response effectiveness.

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Field service software isn’t limited to emergency response. From mundane maintenance like helping to coordinate tree trimming near power lines to handling long-cycle projects like meter installations, EnSight Plus offers a single platform that connects with your employees no matter where they are.

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Construction companies understand the importance of sticking to a budget, and EnSight Plus understands how critical it is to keep costs under control when margins are razor-thin. That’s why we’ve designed the EnSight Plus field service management software to empower construction company leaders with complete oversight of the job, tasks, and tradespeople.

Ben Franklin said that time is money. In our experience, one of the biggest time (and money) wasters is an ill-prepared worker. But thanks to EnSight Plus, you can now avoid having tradespeople arrive at the site without the right tools or materials. Our software gives you the ability to track and assign equipment to specific workers, making sure they have what they need to complete the job and maximize efficiency.

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We’ll also help you optimize deliveries across multiple job sites, monitor the hours your tradespeople are logging, and help you maintain a high-quality work product with progress report functionality that supports photos and videos that can document completed jobs.

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Oil and Gas

For oil and gas workers, it’s not uncommon to work in remote areas, lacking power or internet service. With some field service software solutions that might be a problem, but not for us. EnSight Plus’s intelligent mobile apps let management track remote field workers, even those on jobs that are off the grid.

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We’ll save the data automatically and transfer it back to you once your employee is back in range. You’ll receive a log of workers’ hours that you can trust, helping you stick to budgeted hours for contracted workers.

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Home Services

Field service businesses are generally predicated on delivering excellent customer service, but few industries provide the level of interaction with customers that home services do. Customers will literally open their doors for these plumbers or electricians, so providing superior service could not be more important.

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EnSight Plus provides businesses with a one-stop shop for customer coordination. Here’s how it may work: Let’s say a plumber gets a call about a leaky faucet. That job gets immediately logged in the system with all pertinent contact details. The plumber visits the customer, assesses the problem, provides an estimate, and schedules a job for a later date. He is then able to complete the job in one go, maintaining a higher first-time fix rate.

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Simply put, we empower you to administer all aspects of your business from the palm of your hand.

EnSight Plus is the solution that your business needs. We take great pride in that our software supports a wide range of industries, from cleaning services to oil companies. Part of that is due to our customization offerings. A larger part of it is because these businesses all have a fundamental goal of increasing efficiency, productivity, and lowering expenses. If you think EnSight Plus could benefit your company, contact us and book your demo today.


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