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EnSight Plus offers the capability to activate Sensus FlexNet devices seamlessly through our workflows. This includes the ability to send and receive all parameters in real-time, allowing data to be leveraged at the handheld level for immediate validation. This feature is instrumental in preventing incorrect data entries and unnecessary field activations, which often result in costly return field trips and dual data entry.

Streamlined Data Entry and Validation

By enabling real-time data transfer from FieldLogicTM into Ensight Plus, the need for manual data entry is eliminated. This seamless integration allows all information to be entered into EnSight Plus and then electronically passed to FieldLogicTM without additional manual input.  Leveraging EnSight Plus validations ensures streamlined data entry, provides default options, and prevents common mistakes that can occur during manual data processing.

Real-Time Issue Detection

EnSight Plus enhances operational efficiency by utilizing returned data from FieldLogicTM post-activation to compare against field or expected values. This real-time comparison helps identify any issues before the installation is completed, ensuring that potential problems are addressed promptly, and the integrity of the data is maintained.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Data Integration:

Populates parameters from FieldLogicTM into EnSight Plus instantaneously, facilitating immediate validation and use at the handheld level.

Error Prevention:

Prevents bad data entries and redundant field activations, significantly reducing the need for rerun field trips and dual data entry.

Seamless Electronic Transfer:

Allows all information to be entered into EnSight Plus and electronically transferred to FieldLogicTM, eliminating the need for manual entry, and minimizing errors.

Enhanced Validation:

Utilizes EnSight Plus validations to streamline data entry processes, set default options, and prevent common entry mistakes.

Proactive Issue Resolution:

Compares returned data from FieldLogicTM against field or expected values in real-time to identify and resolve issues before installation completion.


By integrating these advanced capabilities, EnSight Plus ensures a secure, efficient, and error-free field service management environment, ultimately leading to improved operational performance and customer satisfaction.

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