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In a perfect world, companies adding a software solution wouldn’t need in-house IT support. Instead of adding staff to support technology, new software should free up time for employees, particularly when businesses adopt software involving automation.

Companies dispatching workers and managing a fleet of vehicles might be hesitant to adopt new software if they have small or nonexistent IT teams. But let us give you some peace of mind. Those adopting EnSight Plus field service management software receive training to ensure the staff is comfortable using it. We designed our software with our clients in mind, and their feedback shows we’re doing things right.

EnSight Plus concepting and designing a software solution that met each of our needs was nothing short of astounding. The EnSight Plus team was collaborative, receptive and responsive to our ideas, seamlessly tailoring the platform to address the intricacies of our business.

The Power of Automation

Software should help employees get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently. Programs that automate processes, such as creating a work order ticket or entering data, free up employees to handle more meaty assignments, which can lead to happier workers. And widespread adoption of automated processes could save businesses up to $165 billion by 2022, according to a study by Capgemini Research Institute.

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Automation allows businesses to scale faster and provides speed and precision to organizations. And EnSight Plus field service management software allows companies to harness the power of automation through a centralized hub of information.

In the past, companies have stored information about their fleet vehicles in stacks and files of paper, as well as in Excel files or on hard drives. But papers and files can be damaged and lost, which means all vehicle records can be lost, too. With EnSight Plus, you can seamlessly store details in the cloud, including mileage, warranty information, damage reports, and routine maintenance records.

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No IT Department? No Problem

For those who are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of field service management software but have little or no IT support, we’re here to help.

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1.  Our customization is unsurpassed

Why is customization important? Because every company is built differently and has its own challenges, IT support or no. Why shouldn’t your software be as unique as your processes?

For instance, some small field service management companies might have a limited service area. Because of that small footprint, they might not have the same need for visibility into driving patterns that larger companies do. We can customize the company’s dashboard so that it shows the fleet vehicle information the company cares most about. Perhaps mileage isn’t critical to measure, but the client does need to know how well drivers are maintaining their fleet vehicles. We can help document that.

2.  Our software is powerful and easy to use.

One thing we regularly hear from customers is that our field service software is incredibly simple to use even though it’s powerful. We understand that your staff isn’t made up of computer engineers, and we kept that top of mind as we designed our software. We’ve created a system that anyone — from CEOs to employees with limited computer literacy — can master in no time.

3.  Our training is comprehensive

Many companies that have used field service software with another provider have felt woefully unprepared to go live. That’s why companies need to take advantage of our training. Companies with little IT support might not have the luxury of having someone with tech expertise on-site to oversee deployment. But the EnSight+ deployment team provides enough training so that everyone on staff feels comfortable using the product.

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There are advantages to our approach to training and deployment. One of the biggest though is that we empower employees to become subject experts. As employees learn more about the system, they’re likely to find areas where we can improve their accounts via customization.

4. Our support continues long after implementation

Although we put an emphasis on training and deployment, our journey with customers continues long after the software goes live. That level of engagement and interaction is one of the biggest benefits we can provide companies. Especially ones with a lean IT presence. Instead of your employees entering ticket after ticket, we will provide consistent and dedicated customer support to troubleshoot any fixes. No one knows our product better than we do. You can trust us to get you back up and running fast.

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More than 4 in 10 businesses see paperwork as their biggest waste of company time. If you are still using paper to manage your vehicle fleet or are interested in updating whatever outdated field service management system you’ve been using, reach out to EnSight Plus today to schedule a demo and learn more about our field service software management system.


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