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The biggest concern among critics of artificial intelligence and smart technology is the fear that bots will replace humans. In response, AI proponents say that the purpose of this tech isn’t to replace humans but to help them. In an ideal situation, technology frees up time for humans. Instead of focusing on mundane or repetitive tasks, employees would devote more time to meaningful work.

As a cloud-based field service software provider, we’re big fans of AI. That’s why we partnered with Twilio to deliver call center services and intuitive chat functions to EnSight+ clients. The result? Faster issue resolution, increased customer confidence, and confirmation that utilities and other field service techs can respond quickly to emergencies. Here are just a few ways EnSight+ customers are taking advantage of this new suite of call center services.

Local and toll-free numbers

A local call center number is important for end customers for a variety of reasons. For one, it makes calling from a landline much more convenient, as there’s no area code to dial. A local number helps reinforce that the utility is a member of their community and has their best interests in mind. Toll-free numbers are also available for utilities who wish to offer this option to customers. This is also a boon for customers with limited phone plans, ensuring that calls to and from their utility can’t become a financial burden.

Programmable call recording and reporting

EnSight+ customers now have the ability to record and store audio recordings of their phone conversations with customers directly within the customer file. These files can also be made available via the web and on-demand for leadership, sales, and service teams as needed.

Skills-based routing

Your call center will never again route a call to the wrong department, thanks to skills-based routing. Using Twilio’s TaskRouter, you can build a dynamic call center. Direct callers to the right department’s right employee based on a predefined skill set. This reduces the number of transfers for callers and ensures that issues are resolved quickly.

Increased visibility into call center activity

EnSight+, leadership will gain visibility into call center activity like never before. Track details by the agent or project, including calls in queue, calls handled, routed, and more. Data from this activity can be used to inform future call center personnel decisions, including promotions and new hires. Leadership can even listen live on calls for coaching and training opportunities.

Improved and enhanced communication

Communication is king. Your employees want it. Your customers want it. And we want to make it possible for your utility. Call center services with EnSight+ include functionality that allows the utility to seamlessly call, text, or email any employee or customer in their database.

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EnSight+ helps utilities reach peak efficiency

Whether through our customizable field service software—using work order management and scheduling, routing and dispatch modules—or our call center services, EnSight+ empowers utilities to eliminate waste and reach max efficiency,  all this under one umbrella. To learn more about our software and the call center services we offer to support the solution, book your demo today.


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