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If you’re still not a believer in the importance and power of data, perhaps this quote from renowned American engineer, statistician, and management consultant W. Edwards Deming can sway you: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” What Deming was inferring is that data is a tool that people and businesses can use to inform decisions. And he was absolutely right.

For field service management businesses that often operate on razor-thin margins, data collection yields insights that become invaluable. Once a field service management company collects enough data, leadership has a clear path to predictive analysis and operational improvement. You should know that the easiest and most robust way to collect data is through field service management software. 

Why collecting customer data matters

The comprehensive solution from EnSight+ enables field service businesses to chronicle and access all kinds of customer data. For example, the embedded work order management module stores not only the task at hand but also acts as a treasure trove of current and historical customer data. 

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Technicians and back-office support staff alike can quickly retrieve important data. Like customer contact information, gate access codes, and past work performed. While that kind of information is vital to have on the day of an appointment, leadership can seamlessly review historical data in aggregate to search for recurring patterns like common equipment failure or service call generators. Related:

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Leaders start receiving data on day one

While there’s certainly strength in numbers when it comes to data collection, the good news is that actionable insights can be gleaned from day one. And with the EnSight+ field service management software solution, that data covers a wide range of functional areas. 

We mentioned work order management earlier, but our solution also includes helpful modules like scheduling, routing, and dispatch; asset and inventory management; fleet management; and much more. For instance, leaders can immediately see which (and how many) assets are being used on any given day.  Helping to determine weekly and monthly purchasing amounts. 

The only thing better than collecting data is reporting on it

At EnSight+, we’ve incorporated a simplistic (and completely customizable) design and plenty of user-friendly benefits into our solution. Of those benefits, one of the most significant is our reporting functionality. In fact, we’re proud to announce a new feature that allows users to create customized reports with embedded hyperlinks. Enabling easier access to reports tailored to the data that matters most. That data can then be shared with the right stakeholders.

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EnSight+ is your conduit to data collection

The thought of data collection can be downright daunting if you aren’t sure where to start. Fortunately for field service management companies like yours, EnSight+ does all the work for you. We can help you customize the solution to fit your unique needs, and we’ll even launch the software in four weeks or less. Ready to take the data collection plunge? Book your demo today to learn more about the types of data we can help you collect and how you can make the most of it.



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