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Good inventions help someone do something more efficiently, faster, cheaper, or better. The best stories help someone simultaneously do all of the above. Emerging mobile technology and the internet have been the catalysts for many significant innovations over the last few decades. Field service management software probably doesn’t rank on the list of best inventions, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the industry who needs to be singing its praises.

Read on as we explore some of the most common problems historically plaguing field service management organizations. How mobile technology and innovative solutions like field service management software are knocking down those obstacles individually.

Lack of real-time information sharing

Undoubtedly, the nature of having a mobile workforce contributes to one of the industry’s most significant historical problems. That’s precisely where field service management software shines.

Cloud-based solutions enable ubiquitous access for technicians, regardless of where they are, as long as they have their mobile devices. Unlike an email chain or a paper clipboard, field service software acts as one easily searchable, shared database. With the swipe of a finger, technicians can find their next scheduled task, customer contact information, and much more. Best of all, because the solution is in the cloud, technicians (and back-office staff alike) receive updates instantaneously. How’s that for real-time information sharing?

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Sagging productivity

 From scheduling and dispatching snafus to lost work orders, poorly designed route planning, and inventory management problems. You won’t be surprised to read that field service management software can seamlessly solve each problem. It maximizes your technicians’ time and productivity. Here’s how.

Through automation, field service management solutions optimize scheduling, dispatching, and route planning. That means schedulers can design a technician’s route smartly to limit the time and distance between tasks. Many of these solutions also feature real-time route guidance that utilizes GPS functionality to deliver turn-by-turn directions to drivers. These directions are updated in real-time to help drivers stay on the most direct path. They are avoiding road closures, traffic, and other unexpected delays. 

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Another benefit to digital work orders is that there’s no risk of illegible handwriting that could cause human error. These perks often enable companies to deploy sensors to track inventory on all critical assets, empowering technicians to do their best work. 

Poor first-time fix and customer satisfaction rates

Two critical key performance indicators are first-time fixes and customer satisfaction. We’ve alluded that field service management software can help with first-time fix rates. In addition, the intelligent scheduling these solutions enable can help keep technicians on time and on task.

You might have yet to consider these changes’ impact on the customer. For example, if a technician comes prepared with the correct information, the customer can answer only a few questions about past work. A technician fixing a problem on the first attempt means the customer doesn’t have to take time off work to accommodate a follow-up service call.

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While those things may seem minor or inconsequential in a vacuum, when you stack them in the aggregate, it’s easy to see how much customers would appreciate the improvements brought on by field service management software. That, in turn, leads to more satisfied customers.

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