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Fueled by innovative advances in technology, digital interactivity is all around us. Daily human life has changed in immeasurable ways with the introduction of interactive tech. We can unlock smartphones (pocket-sized computers) with our faces and fingerprints; we can virtually “walk” the streets of a far-flung city.

It’s not just the world’s largest tech companies that are taking notice of consumers’ appetite for digital interactivity. Field service businesses of all shapes and sizes are tapping into tech with unique approaches to satisfy that hunger. Here’s a quick look at some of the tools that can help field service businesses increase customer interactivity.

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Online calculators

If you’re a  major utility or a small home repair business, keeping customers informed is a priority. Field service businesses can provide education to their customers through online calculators. Using utilities as an example, it might be as simple as letting a customer forecast how much money they could save if they participate in a new rebate program. A home repair example could maybe be a calculator that shows the impact of a leaky faucet in terms of gallons of water. This example shows the money wasted by putting off repairs.

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Surveys and questionnaires

Surveys and questionnaires are all about the customers’ own habits and behaviors. That survey will return useful information based on the customer’s answers. A lawn maintenance company could deliver a survey with questions about how often and for how long the homeowner runs their sprinklers. If the homeowner answers that the sprinklers run seven days a week, that would generate a response from the business, informing the customer that two or three days per week of water is plenty.

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Interactive games

Gamification is nothing new in the consumer space. Now, strategic and savvy field service businesses are beginning to include gamified interactivity to better connect with customers. As Utility Dive reports, one utility in Ohio created an interactive game to help customers better understand how its smart grid technology works. Customers have fun playing the game and learn how the technology can limit power outages—a win-win for the utility.

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Rich video content

In the old days, customers in search of information were at the mercy of a call center. At best, a business may have had a list of frequently asked questions posted on its website. Today, as field service businesses look to strengthen connections with customers, that has improved in a lot of ways. We can now find online how-to videos hosted on companies’ websites. They serve as tutorials for tasks like flushing hot water heaters, fertilizing the lawn, and even unfreezing pipes to avoid winter damage.

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