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Can you guess what modern businesses focus on when considering success? Two highly influential concerns are operations and customers’ experience. Companies across the field service industry have long sought effective ways to improve one without sacrificing the other. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to address both critical areas with centralized software. Here are a few of the top ways field service management software can improve business operations and customer experiences.

Data collection and management

Not too long ago, data collection involved stacks of paperwork and unruly spreadsheets stored on one computer’s local drive. Today, robust software solutions now serve as a single directory for all data. That means the customer contact information, work orders, historical documentation, schedules, and more are all readily accessible from the same platform. The data stored in the cloud provides employees immediate access whether they’re in the office or out in the field.

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More efficient data collection and management have numerous benefits for operations and the customer experience. For instance, techs can quickly recall pertinent details like gate codes or instructions that are included in the work order. This data is available on their mobile device in real time, limiting delays and back-and-forth. Leadership can analyze work order data and see which techs are completing the most tickets in a timely manner. Data points like these can inform future decisions.

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Enhanced visibility

Why settle for having just boots on the ground or eyes in the sky when you can have both? Field service management software empowers companies with unmatched visibility, providing schedulers with a comprehensive look at techs’ locations at all times thanks to GPS-enabled functionality on mobile devices.

With that visibility, schedulers can avoid inefficient routes for techs that drag them from one side of town to the next throughout the day. This allows for cluster scheduling, keeping techs within one specific zone. That means techs get to jobs faster, and customers are waiting less time. If there’s ever an emergency, dispatchers can quickly pull the location of the tech nearest to the problem and assign that job with the click of a button.

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Artificial intelligence and automation have been helping businesses for years, but field service software is bringing that assistance to a new level. Perhaps the most impactful way automation can improve operations and the customer experience is via real-time route guidance. Automated routing can also reduce fuel waste, a benefit to the bottom line.

Anyone who has ever driven a fleet vehicle knows the likelihood of inclement weather or traffic causing delays. But, real-time route guidance can help drivers work around those issues. Giving drivers turn-by-turn directions to get them from point A to point B in the most efficient way.

Also, those directions are updated as soon as a more efficient route becomes available. Just like with smart scheduling, more efficient routes help techs reach customers faster and with fewer delays.

Asset and inventory management

We’ve talked a lot about the ways in which field service management software gets techs to customers’ houses without wasting time or fuel. We haven’t spoken much about what happens when they get there, but the software can be a big help there too. The most robust platforms include asset and inventory management modules that help companies keep track of products and equipment in stock.

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Never again will a lawn service business run out of fertilizer. Neither will a construction company come up short on power tools. Again, asset and inventory management modules enable a company to set custom rules.  Plus, companies can track their own assets like uniforms or protective equipment to ensure their employees are always ready to work. By doing these things, there’s a better chance that field service businesses improve their first-time-fix rates, which is ultimately what’s most important to customers.

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