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There’s more to managing a budget than what is on paper. There are line items for things like employee salaries and equipment. For field service management companies, there are additional expenditures like gas for fleet vehicles. This includes unwanted waste that often can make or break a business’s attempt at meeting the budget.

In today’s post, we’re going to look closer at waste, both literally and figuratively. Also, we will explore a few examples of how field service management companies are using software to reduce waste.

Cut fuel waste with optimized route planning

For field service management companies that rely on outdated paper-based methods, the process of scheduling and commuting to and from a job can be a nightmare. The problem is that not everyone is as talented an artist as others. This means excessive fuel consumption can hit the business right in the budget.

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Field service management software takes the opposite approach. Relying on technology that informs decisions in a methodical and systematic way. These solutions can help field service management companies create technicians’ schedules smartly.  Within a specific geographic boundary, turn-by-turn directions are delivered to the driver’s mobile device. This ensures the fastest, and most direct route each time they’re behind the wheel. The outcome of that optimization is a significant reduction in fleet mileage and fuel usage. They can have lasting ramifications for years to come.

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Eliminate time-consuming paperwork

Field service management software is based in the cloud, and paper-based forms can be completed faster on a mobile device. Your tech will not have to return to the office wasting valuable time. Whether it’s timesheets, time-off requests, expense claims, or even work order confirmations, time spent on paperwork means less time helping customers.

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With expenses, employees can submit their requests right on the platform. Even attaching a photo of a receipt or product purchased. These details save time not only for the tech but for the employee and the back-office employee handling reconciliations.

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Improve your first-time fix rate

Of all the metrics tracked by field service management companies, the first-time fix rate is among the most critical for success. One of the best ways to improve first-time fix rates, and shed a little waste along the way, is through field service management software.

The software allows you to build mini-profiles on each tech that include their specialties and skillsets.  Sending a tech to a job they are not equipped to handle would be a waste of time. Sending out a second tech would result in a waste of fuel.  Asset management modules allow you to properly track equipment and tools. Ensuring that vehicles are is properly loaded with what’s required for a particular job.

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EnSight+ can help reduce waste in your organization

Field service management companies in industries like utilities and home services have trusted EnSight+ for years. Limiting waste within their workforce. We offer a fully customizable software solution full of features. Including work order management, asset and inventory management, time and expense management, and scheduling, routing, and dispatch modules. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you trim waste from your operations, book a demo today.


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