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“Knowledge is power” is a phrase that’s been around for centuries, but it still rings true today. Within the field service industry, knowledge can also represent a number of different things. For technicians specifically, it can mean job satisfaction and security, safety in the workplace, competency, and potential career growth. While not all techs will possess the same skill set, the expectation is that companies will provide ample training to help get them there.

If they join the company with little to no related experience (as is often the case in field service), one of the most effective methods to ramp up employee knowledge quickly is on-the-job training. Today, we’ll go into detail about some of the benefits that a well-designed on-the-job training program provides employees and their employers.

On-the-job training can improve employee morale

Nothing makes one feel more valued or appreciated than a company investing their time and energy into making that person better. Undergoing on-the-job training can also make the employee feel like they’re contributing in a more meaningful way, and that will likely be reflected in their attitude. An employee that feels fulfilled and confident in their job tends to be a good employee.

On-the-job training can increase productivity

It goes without saying, but a more skilled worker brings an abundance of advantages. Teaching an employee a new skill allows them to be more productive. Which in turn improves performance for both the employee and the company.  An improperly trained tech could take two hours to complete a job. Although, that same job could have been finished in 30 minutes by someone who has participated in on-the-job training. And they’ll do it with fewer errors. That means the tech can get to more jobs in a day, which is ideal for the company’s bottom line.

On-the-job training can reduce the need for heightened supervision

We all know that employees don’t like to feel micromanaged. When the company’s reputation is at stake, it’s up to leadership to ensure the techs are performing the way they should be. An on-the-job training program can empower techs to prove their competencies—which allows supervisors to ease up on how closely they monitor their work, leading to a more comfortable workforce.

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On-the-job training can keep techs safer

The field service industry is such that techs often encounter complex machinery, using tools that require precision and care. One wrong move and a technician could be seriously injured, but fortunately, an on-the-job training program allows techs to get real-life experience in a controlled setting. Limiting the types of risks presented in a live environment.

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On-the-job training reduces employee turnover

Things like low company morale, micromanagement, and safety concerns are some of the most common reasons why people leave jobs. Because on-the-job training addresses those issues, it can subsequently reduce employee turnover rates. Now, jobs don’t have to be pushed out or rescheduled due to staffing problems

On-the-job training enables companies to grow

Some companies are perfectly happy maintaining their market share within a certain niche.  While others are interested in growing. And adding related or ancillary services. The way to appropriately introduce these new services to techs is through on-the-job training. Quickly and effectively get them up-to-speed.

Research shows that positions like electricians, mechanics, technicians, and drivers are some of the most difficult jobs for HR departments to fill due to talent shortages. Savvy field service companies have recognized that on-the-job training is a way to circumvent that talent gap. Teaching new employees the skills they need (and the company needs) to be successful.


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