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There’s a common refrain that today’s consumer has more wants and needs than ever before. Though it’s a true statement, those various customer desires add up to one overarching theme: Fulfilling a promise. With utilities, that promise is to reliably deliver energy, with little to no interruptions. When something does break, customers expect the utility to uphold their end of the bargain by rectifying the situation swiftly.

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For decades, utilities have sought out ways that enable them to make good on these promises while silently working in the background — and for the most part, they do an excellent job. Aiding in that search was the discovery of field service software and how software makes it easier for that to happen. Here are the top three ways that software helps a utility function as expected.

Work order management

For utilities to prevent downtime and keep service interruptions at a minimum, a good work order management process must be in place. Work order management modules within field service software have replaced old-school paper-based methods that often led to inefficiencies and poor first-time fix rates.

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With the software, utilities can direct field workers exactly the way they want and in real-time. Through the use of mobile devices, technicians have access to the work orders 24/7, which includes all pertinent customer data. These kinds of work order management modules have been shown to increase worker productivity. They also improve arrival times for technicians and reduce error rates in technicians’ work, three key operational deliverables.

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Scheduling, routing, and dispatch

Few things are more vital to functioning as expected than being as efficient as possible. That’s precisely what field service software’s scheduling, routing, and dispatch modules can do for a utility. Thanks to the software, utilities can provide technicians with turn-by-turn directions for optimized routes to get them to appointments sooner. In the event of traffic, roadwork, or an accident, the software can automatically update the directions, ensuring the most efficient route.

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But the impact of this module starts long before the technician gets in the driver’s seat. Schedulers using the software have access to technician profiles that feature detailed information about competencies and skillsets. Making it easier for leadership to assign jobs appropriately. In cases of emergency or when time is of the essence, back-end employees can visualize each technician’s location, dispatching the tech nearest to the scene at a moment’s notice.

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Asset and inventory management

The only thing worse than a technician showing up late to an appointment is showing up without the right tools. Where field service software shines in this realm is through asset and inventory management. A module that allows utilities to keep track of everything in stock. Between this module and the work order management module, utilities can create custom checklists that require technicians to confirm fleet vehicles are stocked with the appropriate tools before leaving the shop.

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Additionally, utilities can institute smart monitoring to make sure essential parts needed to fix common problems never go out of stock. Harnessing the power of automation, the utility could set custom rules to generate an automatic alert that notifies them if items fall below a certain threshold in quantity. With these measures in place, utilities might even be able to realize an increase in first-time fix rates.

EnSight+ offers customizable field service software for utilities

EnSight+ has smart field service software that’s designed specifically for the utility industry. We’ll help you define objectives and deliver on the promises that you make to your customers each and every day. Our software includes modules for work order management, scheduling, routing and dispatching, and asset and inventory management modules, among others. We also offer free demos for utilities interested in learning more about what we do. Book your demo today.


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