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There’s no doubt that technology has made our lives immeasurably better. A monumental leap occurred with transitions like typewriters to computers, paperback books to E-readers, and the advent of the internet and smartphone. Although we often think of innovations in terms of our personal lives, technology has revolutionized the way we work.

Technology has remarkably changed the game for companies with drivers who utilize fleet vehicles to conduct their business. Advancements like collision mitigation, lane departure warnings, and 360-degree cameras have allowed drivers to feel more comfortable on the road. Today we wanted to focus on one specific tech tool—field service software—and some of its robust offerings that can improve driver comfort and safety.

Custom maintenance alerts

Recording details on paper or in a spreadsheet were a popular method long ago, field service software has become the preferred choice among fleet managers.  Field service software allows the company to set custom alerts based on critical milestones like mileage, time, or specific vehicle issues.

That means regular maintenance checks and updates on schedule.  Your drivers will feel safe knowing their vehicle has been properly maintained, and the life of the vehicle extended.

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Increased driver compliance

Field service work differs from what takes place in a traditional office setting in a variety of ways.  Perhaps the most significant is that employees are often working with little to no supervision. That’s a good thing for employees who enjoy the autonomy and freedom of working at their own pace.  It can leave the company in the dark in some situations.  A lack of visibility has historically been problematic with employees. The good news is that field service software can mitigate that risk.

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Hosted in the cloud,  and using technology like GPS and employee-assigned mobile devices, fleet managers can now see exactly where employees are at all times. Ensuring they’re operating a vehicle safely. Companies can actually receive custom alerts if a vehicle exceeds a certain speed limit or performs an illegal maneuver, critical notices that can help with compliance with driver safety measures.

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Real-time directional guidance

Sitting in never-ending traffic is a pain point that just about every field service technician has experienced at some point in their career. Thanks to field service software, the chances of that happening again are considerably less.  The solution’s scheduling, routing, and dispatch module maximize efficiency by delivering turn-by-turn directions that get technicians to jobs fast.

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In the event of traffic or construction, GPS algorithms adapt to real-time changes.  Updating the driver to the most efficient route possible.  Preventing the driver from sitting in infuriating traffic is a game-changer. Route planning can reduce fleet mileage,  fuel usage, customer waiting time, and any driver idle time.

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EnSight+ can help keep your drivers safer and more comfortable

As a field service software provider, we know the types of challenges facing drivers and technicians today.  We believe that our software can alleviate many of the most pressing concerns. Our comprehensive solution is fully customizable and can be built to your company’s unique needs.  Including the delivery of custom maintenance alerts and real-time route guidance. Interested in learning how we can improve your drivers’ safety and comfort? Book your demo today.


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