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Like many other sectors that involve physical labor, the field service industry is experiencing a tremendous change in its workforce. Thanks to large swaths of employees aging into retirement, this “graying” of the workforce is so severe that some studies show over 70% of companies believe an aging workforce to be a threat to their field service operations.

That exodus, paired with a refined focus on the bottom line has utilities searching for ways to do more with less and they’ve found the answer. Its digital technology. Here’s a brief look at how adopting digital technology can play an important role in closing the gap for technician workforce shortages.

A glimpse into the future

The field service industry is anticipating mass exits among technicians, however, the projected growth in the field service market is expected to soar. Generally speaking, field service management refers to the tracking and administration of field operations. Including scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, billing, and more. One group of analysts were particularly confident in market expansion, predicting the industry’s compound annual growth rate will rise at a clip of 19.7% from 2021 to 2030. That equates to a climb from just over $4 million to about $24 million in that decade span.

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What’s driving the adoption of digital technology?

In recent years, one catalyst for the shift to field service management was a desire for more insights and visibility. Platforms like field service management software can provide that in spades. Through these tools, leadership can access the statuses of work orders, or check on inventory,  or even see the location of technicians in real-time.

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But the most recent spark that has prompted a re-channeled focus on field service management through technology is COVID-19. The global health crisis has thrust new safety and social distancing measures into operation, forcing businesses to adopt new practices. Now, these businesses must navigate not only the loss of many employees but also changes to what have always been standard operating procedures.

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How technology will aid in workforce shortages

One of the biggest ways a technology like field management software can help with workforce shortages is that it levels the playing field. For many veteran technicians, details of the job and the tasks they perform have become routine. That usually means long and cumbersome training sessions for newcomers.  With software,  processes can be documented within the portal for ease of use. Also adding a quicker acclimation period.

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Another significant benefit of field service management software is that it tends to help companies find new efficiencies. In particular, when it comes to staffing. For instance, companies that may have had separate scheduling and dispatching roles can now combine those jobs. Operating on one universal platform.

As a cloud-based portal with ubiquitous access, field service management software facilitates cross-training allowing employees to pick up tasks in areas they may not be accustomed to working in. Field service management software has also been shown to improve first-time fix rates which mean fewer repeat appointments.  Always a perk for a shrinking workforce.

EnSight+ is the technology your company needs to address workforce shortages

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